eating and workout rundown

so i know at the beginning of the year, i posted about wanting to lose weight. i've been trying. i've been eating healthier and exercising. i still have had the treats though. so i'm learning that no matter how many green smoothies i eat, no matter if i eat all of my fruits and veggies in a day, no matter if i'm sweating my butt off from some workout, if i'm still snacking on candy and chocolate - i'm not going to lose weight. its a bitter pill to swallow, but i want to stop being fat. i want to not have a fat face. i want to get into single digit pants again. i want my arms to not be the size of proper thighs.

i am starting a weight loss competition today. first prize will win over $800. that's motivating. think of what i could do with that much money. the competition is based on percentage lost, not pounds. i want to do it. i want to win. not just for the money, but i want to feel better about myself.  i want inches off. big time.

i'll be eating healthier. with the no treats part. well, i'm sure there will be an occasional treat. i'm still human. but i'm counting calories and will count those when i do have them.

i'll be continuing my exercising, which is more than i've done in a really long time.

here are some of my goals:

  • couch to 5k training. this means getting on the treadmill 3 times a week and training. i loved it when i did it last year. i am certain that i can do it again. i'll be doing this in the evenings, after the kids are in bed. i think. maybe during nap time. but i've made up my mind that it'll probably be at night.
  • walks as often as possible with the kids. on good weather days. in my new double jogger stroller that my incredibly generous sister gave us. 
  • this arm routine. only i do 8 girlie pushups instead of walking ones. i'm not flexible enough and it hurts my back. so there. and i don't have all of those weights, so i'm using what i've got for now. we might look into getting heavier weights. everyday. 
  • this squat challange for april: i'll do some other challange [maybe pushups or sit ups] in may. don't mind the crazy body builder girl in the middle. that's not me. obviously. i did 70 today. holy cow. i can't say i'm looking forward to the end of this month!
  • some sort of workout dvd. 30 day shred, ripped, cardio max. i did the tracy anderson one - it gave me a tweaked neck. so i'm not doing that one for now. i think my abs aren't strong enough to do all of the crunches, etc. and i was pulling too much on my neck. whatever.  eventually i'd like to do it, because i know that's what i need the most help with. a workout video 5 times a week. 
any other suggestions? 


garrett said...

You are my hero and so motivating to me! I'll be along side you, doing the arms, DVDs, or treadmill, too. You can do this! You're awesome!

Beth said...

Sounds like some awesome goals! I started out really strong and have slacked off. Seems like I really need to make more time in the morning for myself. Can't wait to see the great results!

Holly O. said...

I should start the arms too. So far, I've loved squatting with you!

Holly O. said...

My arms are jelly.