small successes

in just over a week, i am officially down over 10 pounds. this is very encouraging to me. and i need it right now.

today i need to do 135 squats. its a lot, but i will do it.

i can see a small difference in my arms. really need to get heavier weights.

i'm also really enjoying the couch to 5k training.

calorie counting is working. some days i eat super healthy. some days, like yesterday i ended up eating wendy's for lunch. and not salad wendy's. a jr. bacon cheeseburger kind of wendy's. but for the rest of the day, i made up for it and kept my calories in line. this is doable. sure, yesterday i could've made healthier choices at wendy's - but i still managed to keep in line.

i can feel a difference in my clothes. i can even see a small difference on my body & in my face. yay!


Holly O. said...

Yay!!!!! Keep up the good work, yo.

Beth said...

that's awesome...you've lost way more then me in a week then I have in a month. I'm officially down only 7 pounds. I need to get those weights over to you. Sorry, I've just been a bit out of it this past week.

Christy said...


will you send me your couch to 5K training? I need to get on it!