this is not a new year's resolution post

this post is brought to you today by the makers of my double chin, my super jowley face and my thigh sized arms. i'm talking meat, people. i'm talking avoiding mirrors and having thoughts of ways to off myself - honor killings or mercy killings, depending on who you're thinking of. it's bad.

it took me almost 18 months to really get going after mikey. i thought about it. i did a few things. i talked about it - FOR SURE. but i didn't really get moving until it was too late. 

by too late, i mean that i got pregnant again. pregnancy and exercise don't work for me. i took walks when the weather was decent. but then the blood pressure got high and all of a sudden chasing mikey around my tiny kitchen island was too much work.

for christmas, santa brought me tracy anderson's post pregnancy dvd. i am not going to go animal style and push it - i'll wait until that 6 week check up when the doc gives me the go - ahead, but i'm not waiting almost 18 months this time. after tracy, i'll do the shred and ripped. after that, i don't know. maybe more jillian dvds. maybe more tracy. maybe by the end of the year, i'll even be able to handle some of the  p90x dvds. [not all of the weight lifting ones, i don't think i'll ever care about doing that many pushups...  but the cardio ones!] 

don't worry garrett, i won't start buying any more dvds until i'm in action. i've got to get through what i have before i buy more. ;) 

i also intend to get out and hit the roads, when the weather isn't quite so brutal. with a stroller. maybe even train for another 5k. i'd really like to really run a 5k without the horrible bladder pain that i had because i was newly pregnant. 

this doesn't mean that i won't still make lots of treats in february that i missed out on in december... i'm not going to limit myself right now, food wise. because according to my calculations, the exercise won't really start until march. and i know myself - i don't start pressuring myself about food until i'm ready with the exercise, because otherwise it is just torture. for me, when the exercise is happening, i'm just more disciplined about food - so i'm not wasting those calories i've burned off, you know? 

but there will be a 6 week post baby picture taken & then one monthly after that. i doubt i'll share, but i'll have one for myself & if the results are good enough, maybe. don't hold your breath though. today, you couldn't even get me to answer the door, that's how gross i know i look. i keep trying to be nice and tell myself that some of this is just swelling, and some of it is because i'm sick. and some of it is because i haven't showered yet today... but there is work to be done. 


Beth said...

I totally understand how you feel. The last part of pregnancy is never pretty. I'm with you on taking that 6 weeks off to just let yourself adjust to life with new baby, but I'm already ready to get my butt in gear (after I figure out how to nurse with out crying).

Danelle said...

Hang in there. I've been on this same roller coaster for a solid 12 years now. It's hard. Just love yourself in the meantime.

Holly O. said...

Look at you now! It is April and you are kicking ASS!!!