project life sales pitch :)

here's what you need to know about me, first and foremost: i'm not crafty. i'm definitely not a scrapbooker. and yet, my husband knows that if our house is on fire, he is to get mikey and these project life books out before anything else. my sister introduced me to becky higgins a few years ago when she was doing her first round of project life [back then it was still project 365, right hojo?] i was in awe, impressed and kept thinking - if i ever get married, i want to do that! then i got married & even got myself a baby... i blogged about our first year of marriage pretty thoroughly, but didn't start project life... decided when i got pregnant that i was going to do a book for my baby's first year. [when mikey was born, there was only the cherry edition offered] even started a new blog to help me keep up with journaling. [highly recommend that, i know from holly's experience that getting behind was a b!tch... my getting behind was only ever just needed to get pictures printed, getting the journaling actually printed onto the journaling cards - but it was done from the blog...] ok. so mikey's first year was up. i took a little bit of a break & decided to do 2012 on shutterfly, using the clementine edition. honestly, the biggest set back for me was using the digital elements at first. i had to get used to it, i had to build my confidence and patience, and then the other thing was just not having the actual book in my hands as i went. that is a huge plus for the paper. even though with the digital, i could flip through the book online, i wanted it in my hands. oh well, i survived. and now, i've just purchased the baby edition for him paper style & am dying with how cute it is. seriously, i'm overwhelmed with putting it all together because there is so much and it is so dang cute. and then i decided that i also wanted to do a family 2013 book. i'm doing a digital layout that i'll get printed and put into 12x12 pages and put in protectors and in a binder. i'm dying with excitement overall about doing this. so maybe i'm more of a documentor than scrapbooker...  i have to admit i like the creativity that is involved, even if my style isn't super specialized or developed. ok. on to the pictures:

 size comparison to mikey's baby book:
 and thickness:
 just some of my layouts. i designed these, using the elements on shutterfly.
 every single page is personalized... so it is all my style. 
every layout was a 2 week spread 
 there is plenty of journaling in here.

some of these pictures make my heart melt 

while 95% done on instagram, i did insert a few pages throughout the year with real camera pictures, typically special events... or photo shoots with hojo. 
 introducing the baby's book. this is just the title page & it makes me squeal. 
can't wait to fill these pages out & get some pictures put in there. oh dear! 
 seriously, the book is to die for cute.
when mikey saw me with the real camera out, he said, "take pictures of me? i cute!" i had to oblige. 
i am so thrilled tonight with this book. and excited about the baby's new book. and our family book this year. and the new baby coming. LIFE IS GOOD. document it!

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Beth said...

You inspired me. since I didn't do any kind of project anything and mostly kept a year log of Finn on the blog I just went back and turned all those posts into a book. It's not as nice as all your lovely books, but it's something for him to have when he gets older. Love all your record keeping!