my school album

as some of you might know i'm on a project life craze right now. i've been using project life since mikey was born. this year, becky higgins has a bunch of new products out [and still coming out] and my sister and i have a sickness. i blame holly for this - she's the one that introduced me to project life. and i love her for it. when the mini albums came out, i loved them... but i know i'm a few years off from needing one for my boys. and then i had a thought about doing an album of my school years. i started gathering pictures. i picked the childhood mini album. i picked the mini album. i ordered. i printed pictures. then i put things together. LOVE. obsession. happiness. pretty much if you've come to my house since i finished the album, i've shoved it down your throat.

you should also know that i didn't post a lot of the pages here because i don't want to post pictures of my students. or former students. i put a heart over the one page that had a student. also, you should note that the mini albums are on sale this week. i've ordered one today for a little project i'm going to do this spring. like i said, i have a sickness. i love it though. i have class pictures. i wrote about the 3 principals i worked under, i wrote about big things and little things. this album was perfect. and i totally love it. 


Kristin Jones said...

Ahhhh!! You're killing me smalls! I still haven't decided, but this is helping... :)

Jori said...

Love it! I really must get going on these.

Holly O. said...

You know how much I love this, right? I am just looking at it again right now because we haven't been PL obsessing the last few days. xoxo