a more effective me...

i was reading a book the other day and one of the characters talked about how she had read the seven habits of highly effective people. one of those habits is list making. 

when i was teaching, i always had to do lists going, especially on friday afternoons which was my weekly block of planning time. i found great satisfaction in crossing items off my list. i made good use of my time [mostly] and got things done. it helped me stay organized throughout the following week and my teaching was better, too. 

as a stay at home mom, i've never been able to shake the mindset of being off track. when i was off track, my days were relaxed and unproductive. i got to things when i got to them. as a stay at home mom, i've never felt good at it. my house is clean, usually. its not tidy though which i'm not sure it ever will be with two little boys. but somedays i feel overwhelmed at the clutter and unfortunately i tend to ignore things that overwhelm me. 

anyway back to the book. i got to thinking about how when i was a teacher, i was effective when i made lists. i thought, i should make a list of 5 things to do everyday. above and beyond changing diapers, feeding the boys, and just continuing to live. i want my list to include things that are reasonable, but not necessary. i also want to include one spiritual goal, one service oriented goal [even if it is just a little cleaning project/laundry] and one physical goal.

today's list:
  • enter huggies codes so i can get the things off my desk
  • make flashcards for mikey
  • read an ensign article
  • laundry - whites. includes putting away, too.
  • exercise
i've done the huggies codes, i've downloaded the flashcards just need to print, read this article, and i did day two in my ab and squat challenge. i plan to do a bikini body mommy workout still. 

but here's what else i've done: read books to my kids, gotten them dressed, made smoothies, made mikey's bed, cleaned up a mess of books that mikey and henry had fun with, and this blog post, complete with links and all. all before 9:15 am. 

that's productive for stay at home hayley. 

ok, i'm off to start a load of whites. 

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