thoughts from a shower

that post title could attract some very dirty people. i assure everyone, that is not what this post is about... so if you came here looking for slime, please go away.

while in the shower just a few minutes ago, i had a huge burst of love for my mom. she's strong. she's amazing. she's beautiful. in so many ways, each of these things. when catastrophe has struck in my life, which it has, she's been a huge back bone. a rock. i'm not sure i sing her praises enough for all the world to know. i've always been a daddy's girl, but that doesn't mean i'm not a momma's girl, too. i am. 

my house smells divine right now. i've got a pork roast simmering away in the crock pot for some pulled pork sandwiches tonight. i'm about to go make a homemade pound cake. i bought some ciabatta rolls at the store today that should be delish. and i will probably whip up a yummy salad to go with. my parents are coming over for dinner tonight. my boys will be delighted when grandma and grandpa show up. 

welp... henry just woke up from his nap. i'm off to change a pooper and snuggle a ginger. 

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