a tag {fives}

Emity tagged me... here goes:

Five Things I don't leave the House without

  1. Phone
  2. Keys
  3. Chapstick or another varietal of lippies.
  4. Sunglasses if it is day
  5. Underwears - but not always a bra.
Five Cartoons I watched when I was Younger
  1. Gummy Bears
  2. Bugs Bunny
  3. Tom and Jerry
  4. Smurfs
  5. Duck Tales. this list was completed with the help of my dad. cause i watched cartoons on Saturday mornings with him. and my sisters. thanks daddio.
Five Things That Terrify Me
  1. creepy things happening in the night. enough said.
  2. my parent's basement. and the wolf that lived in it.
  3. clowns
  4. being unaware of b.o.
  5. bad thunder and lightening storms
  6. [thanks for reminding me momma] bridges over water!
Five Things I hate/dislike that everyone else seems to like
  1. diet soda
  2. posting the same post on facebook that they do on the blog
  3. anthropologie
  4. jay leno
  5. Applebee's
Five Things I want to do before I Die
  1. give birth to a non-alien baby
  2. take Garrett to my parent's home in chicago
  3. take Garrett to Hawaii
  4. go on a cruise with Garrett
  5. say to my own child "i brought you into this world, i can take you out of it!"
Five People I tag
  1. Garrett
  2. Heather
  3. Holly
  4. Tib
  5. Beth


garrett said...

Got my tag done. A couple things were hard to do! I don't hate/dislike things... or at least not enough to have strong feelings about it...

Anyways... done. Can't wait for all your things you want to do before you die, either. :)

kate said...


Suzie said...

BO fear. I got it too.
Can't wait to someday see your non-alien baby.

Holly O. said...

Well, I am offended. I do some of the things on your hate list and I take that personally. I refuse to play along.

Hayley said...

it said "things that other people like that you don't." if you're talking about posting on facebook, i just don't get it. you don't have to play along, but don't be offended.

Holly O. said...

Hayley!!! I was 100% joking. hahaha. I guess I should have SAID that. I thought you would know.

Beth said...

Sad to say I'm with you on the underwear thing...the bra is sometimes optional. I as well can't wait to one day see your Alien Baby.

tara said...

if you had the ginormous rack i do, a bra would certainly not be optional. lucky girl.

this list made me laugh. more than once hayley. thanks for that:)

Heather said...

haha Funny stuff I don't wear a bra (just about) everytime I take my kids to the bus!! Unless it's a sports bra and I'm dressed for the gym.

tiburon said...

The whole "I brought you in this world - I can take you out" thing is sooooo worth it.

I will totally play along.

Anything to make you love me.

Mom said...

You left off bridges and that surprised me of scary things.