the goose is getting fat

i absolutely can't wait for christmas this year. it is my first married christmas. it is also my first christmas that i won't spend with my family. all these years, i've managed to spend christmas with at least my parents & usually one or more of my sisters, and their kids.

will i miss them? yep.

will i probably cry? yep.

will i still enjoy the hell out of it? yep.

have we bought most of our christmas gifts? yep.

have we already opened and used most of our christmas gifts? yep.

are we using christmas as an excuse to buy the things we want? yep.

am i going to wrap them up a few days before christmas? yep.

are there a few things we're actually saving for christmas? yep.

am i going to try and buy a few "surprises"? yep.

do i regret that we're doing at all? nope.

[yes, my nickname is goose, a la hojo. yes, i realize i'm calling myself fat here, i'm not in denial. but really it was a play on that old round song... christmas is coming the goose is getting fat...]


garrett said...

Please put a penny in the old man's hat!

I'm excited for Christmas, too! I know it will be hard to be away from your family, but I'll be with you. And we'll have a great Christmas together. I love you

Holly O. said...

So it will just be the two of you for Christmas? That actually sounds rather lovely!!!

Hayley said...

no, we'll be spending the day with Garrett's family, but we'll sleep at our house. and yes, it does sound lovely.

kate said...

You're so funny! Hope this Christmas is the best for you!

Heather said...

I loved that song as a kid. Do you remember Mrs. Howard the music teacher? You might have had somebody different she was old when I had her :) Can't wait for Christmas either! Thanksgiving won't be so bad either haha ;)

Judd Family said...

Love the things you wrote about!! Realities of Christmas sure change with marriage, and with each passing year. Enjoy your first Christmas together!