is it gray or grey?

how do you spell the color gray? i spell it gray usually... and i'm going to in this post - i hope it doesn't offend you that i don't spell it grey.

i've been finding lots of gray hair lately. not in a specific section. just all over. but more so than i used to find. and i pull them out. but i'm starting to find myself thinking "i'm going to go bald if i keep doing this" but i won't. don't worry i've still got a mop.

now, let me interrupt this terribly important blog post to say: i've got all kinds of colors in my hair. i've always been able to find some white or gray hair. always. all of my life. do you get the picture? in fact, i don't even really have a specific hair color. i'm not a redhead, although i've got lots of red hairs. i'm not blond, i'm not a blackie... i'm mostly a brownie. but it isn't a typical brown. it's more of an auburn brown. i guess.

there are pros and cons to my hair's color. i've never dyed it. my mom always said "don't dye your hair, no one else has the same color & it's healthy." and she is right. with all of my highlights, my hair color would be pretty hard to replicate. but that's also a con... my hair isn't a color. you couldn't replicate it.

thing is, as i'm starting to find more and more gray hairs, i've caught myself thinking about how the day will come when i do need to dye my hair. cause i'm surely not going gray yet. in my personal opinion, it's not so much a prejudice against the color but more the texture. [i'll spare my few readers the details of my feelings on hair texture vs color...] gray equals wirey in my book. and i don't need to indulge those little wirey devils. i will paint them and punish them.

it will be the end of my healthy hair, i realize. but someday, i will have to dye my hair. and i'm realizing more lately that someday might not be too far off. but i'll want to look for a color similar to my own. i might go a little bit darker in the browns, but i surely won't do radical highlights. i'm just not that kinda girl. [if you highlight your hair, that's not a ding at you, i'm just way too plain and simple.] so, i will have to dye my hair. just so i don't pluck myself bald.

i don't not dye my hair now because i think i'm better than anyone. it is just another thing i don't want to have to worry about. getting my mop to look somewhat managed is a difficult enough task, on a freaking daily basis. i don't really look forward to the day when i'll have to politely let my mother down that i'm not dying my hair out of vanity, just necessity.

and for the record - the fact that my husband is graying on his sides... dead sexy. his hair - will not be dyed. just wouldn't be a post from me without a little too much information.


garrett said...

I used to do "grey" a lot more. Now that my sister-in-law and her family are the Grays, though, I do "gray" a lot more.

I don't think I've ever noticed a gray hair on you without you having shown me. I think you've got plenty of time. And I think you're cute for liking my grays.

Love ya.

Heather B said...

I got plenty a' gray (or grey). I get asked at least once a month, "Did you highlight your hair like that on purpose?" "Uh, no. That was all Mother Nature." I kinda like it though. Plus, I made a bet with my mom when I was like eight that I'd never dye my hair. And I'm pretty damn stubborn. Enough said.

Tori said...

It gets expensive to dye ones hair. That's why I go way too long in between visits. :)

Brooke Barragan said...

Funny you said all this cuz it's exactly what's been on my mind lately too. I've plucked 2 silvery strands out so far this week, and I dread the day dying becomes a regular part of the routine. Unlike you, I have dyed my hair a few times and I've regretted it each time. I like my color, and I don't think bottle colors come out natural-looking on anyone. I also like to just wash and go-never been one to "do" my hair as I'm sure you've noticed. But once the grays take over and my hair becomes all wiry, I don't think it'll be very forgiveable to just wash and go. Ugh. What are we gonna do?

Heather said...

Don't dye it, I like your unique color. I have been pulling gray hairs out for years and I still have hair on my head. Who cares what color your hair is, it's uniquely yours!!

Holly O. said...

I was like you until about two years ago. But I am a convert. I absolutely love having no GREY hair and I getting it colored is pretty darn fun.

tiburon said...

I have a great hair girl. And she is cheap.
Otherwise I would be totally gray.

I started about 5 years ago.

so sad.

Mom said...

You will know when it is time. Being in bed for 8 weeks I have not colored my hair and I can see the gray line. That will be one of the first things I do when I can move again.
They gray hair spread out is okay. It is when you get a patch that you need to take action.

pammy said...

hayley, your hair is beautiful!!! Nothing wrong with grey if you can pull it off! My sister has a beautiful head of grey hair, she wears it short and sassy!! Me on the other had, cover those wirey suckers!!!!! Thankful that jaimee can do this for me!!!!