letters from kimmy

my friend kim has been in brazil visiting family for almost 2 weeks. she's been off track, so i wouldn't normally be seeing her everyday - but typically when she's off track, she's not out of the country. so text messages at any given moment are still allowed, but that hasn't been an option.

we've been emailing back and forth since she's been gone. writing letters, if you will. i miss that form of communication. in this day and age, we're all - and i know i'm more than guilty of this - too immediate. i have realized that i miss the formality or something. [i've even used capital letters - to all those out there that don't think i'm capable. a story for another day, now i basically refuse to punctuate properly out of stubborness.]

maybe i'm just a poor emailer. but i usually don't go through all of the steps of telling what is going on, answering questions asked, and then asking my own questions. but in real life, that's more how you communicate. or i do. i don't just share messages out & wait for a simple response. i want to tell what is going on, i want to find out what else is going on... i've really enjoyed these emails. and to boot - kim is an incredibly funny, witty friend so busting a gut laughing while hearing about brazilian culture and traditions is highly entertaining.

i'm always so thankful for friends. especially smart, dependable, humorous ones. kimmy, if you read this, come home - we need to do dinner or something. and do some more catching up face to face. i miss you. but in the meantime, i'm really enjoying your emails.

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Beth said...

There really is something about getting actual mail that brings way more satisfaction than a text. Glad that you get to keep in touch with your friend even if she's out of the country!