things i'm liking right now:

  • iPods. and music. momma lovey music. and iPod speakers that play said music throughout the house.
  • hardware.
  • papermate comfortmate fine point pens.
  • chili's chips and salsa. and ranch.
  • steak.
  • a few certain students. they bust their hump for me & i love it. and appreciate it.
  • personal jokes with my husband that make me burst out laughing throughout the day. that only he would get. "so, when did you know you had a problem?"
  • fanta orange soda.
  • smiley nieces and nephews.
  • phone conversation with said nieces and nephews.
  • A1 Chicago style steakhouse marinade.
  • sleepovers with said nieces and nephews.
  • my ringtone. call me... i'll answer happily. after a while.
  • pretty much anything that reminds me of home.
  • snuggling after i hit snooze.
  • french fries.
  • that kneaders will be opening soon near my house. forget about the in 'n out - it'll be crazy busy for too long. i'll happily go to kneaders.
  • finding notes in my lunch.
  • olive garden breadsticks.
  • subway buffalo chicken foot long sandwiches.
  • bajio salads. mhmmmm... corn. and even i like it when it's small. the salad, that is.
  • talking to garrett. about anything.
  • teasing my dad about being a cleaning nazi.
  • salt and vinegar chips.
  • earthquake chips that nicole introduced me too. great, now i'm drooling.
  • listening to will say he's a big boy.
  • caramel apple candy corn. man oh man. i never eat candy corn regulars... but these guys are worth a try.
  • looking forward to ingrid's concert on saturday, prepping myself by listening to her a lot.
  • walking around on my new soft carpet. barefoot.
that's about it for now. sad that so many of the things i like involve food. and not the kind i prepare at home. oink.


garrett said...

This is an excellent list! ("I still don't think I HAVE a problem...") I think I agree with all of them. Except talking to garrett. That's me. I like talking to you.

Suzanne said...

I thought you wrote "farting orange soda." It sounded painful. And now I'm hungry!

Holly O. said...

Farting orange soda would be painful!!!! I knew you said Fanta though, I'm just commenting on your earlier comment.

I like listening to Will say he's a big boy too.

That is my real comment.

And I'm excited to listen to some of the music...I think you know what I mean...that you are loving right now.

pammy said...

Can't wait for Kneaders!!! Screw in-n-out!!!!

tara said...

okay. ditto on the kneaders.

Add queso to the chili's chips and salsa and we're good.

Aimee said...

You've made me hungry... and it's almost midnight - way.to.go.

I would love specifics on the music you're digging right now... always on the hunt for new tunes. Maybe even make it a regular feature on My Authentic Blend of 23 Flavors?

Suzie said...

Yeah. This is an excellent list.

Tori said...

Smith's has the candy corns for $1 a bag. Let's just say I stocked up for a while (I hope).
I need to try the salad.

Beth said...

Those carmel apple candy corns are sounding pretty dang good right now...I might have to go and grab some.

rychelle said...

caramel apple candy corn?!? where can i find such an animal?