may is practically over!?

i've been stalling out lately when it comes to eating healthy and exercise. as in... i'm eating a bowl of ice cream every night after the kids are in bed. and my workouts aren't happening. i don't like it. i mentally beat myself up about it all of the time. my clothes are tight again. i feel so pudgy.

i need to pull my head out of my you know what. i'm just not there yet. i don't like this.

i've been reading lots of good books lately. i never thought i'd be this person, but i actually highly prefer to read on my ipad now instead of an actual book. i got an ipad mini a few months ago, so i've even replaced the kindle. i've figured out a few tricks about checking books out easier from the library. reading does my little heart and mind good.

my kids are huge. i love them. their personalities are so strong and so different. they really entertain me. motherhood isn't easy. that's for sure, but it is grand. i love wrestling with them and snuggling with them. i'm not sure what is better. i think it is good that i do both.

yesterday morning my back started hurting. well, it had been hurting slightly for a few days. but my lower back all of a sudden was so tight i couldn't sit. this blog post  is the longest i've sat up in 36 hours. i'm going to have the shakes by the time i'm done. but i just want to get up and walk around. standing up i'm super crooked, but i crave it. i want to walk and to stand normally. i might need to go see my ol' chiropractor. i just don't want to pay for it yet.

because you know... i'm still paying off the thousands and thousands we owe in kidney stones. good news there: another month or two and i'm even. yay.

this year is flying by for me. what about you?

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