68. 150. 2point2. goals.

except i do daily, on my other blog. project life, baby. it is my favorite.

here's the point of this post: there are 68 days left in the year. my baby is 9 months old. i have not lost my baby weight. i did lose 11 pounds in april. but i have gained it all and more back. i don't like this. but i'm not going to beat myself up. its been a hard year. i have succeeded in so many other areas of my life. i'm not going to beat myself up and i'm not going to look back.

i started watching scandal this week. it is good. i told myself that i'm not allowed to watch it unless i'm on the treadmill. we recently improved greatly upon the tv watching situation while on the treadmill. momma likey. mucho. 3 days in a row i've gladly gotten on at 4 pm when garrett is done with work for the day. 
[this is not scandal. this picture was taken before i discovered scandal, but after the tv watching situation was greatly improved on the treadmill, last week. i realize there is only so much scandal to watch. i will watch other shows, as well. but for now, my interest is there.]

i'm getting started again. stress in my life is going down, i think i can handle not comforting myself all of the time with food. less french fries and pans of chocolate chip cookie bars. less. i make no promises of none. i'm tired of my clothes not fitting. i'm tired of my double chin. i'm tired of being embarrassed. 

i want to set a goal: to log 150 miles by the end of the year. that'd be roughly 2.2 miles per day. its not impossible, but it will be a challange. i'm gonna do it. 

yep. i say gonna. 

you should watch scandal. it is on netflix. my sister said there is hot love on it. i laugh at her, but she's right.


Beth said...

That's a great goal Hayley! I know you're going to do awesome, and I'm glad your not beating yourself up because it has been a crazy hard year, and does no one any good to get down about that. I can't wait to see all your progress. I'll just continue to get chubbier over here, and cheer you on!

Christy said...

I love this goal! You will do great! And I wish I had a treadmill.

Suzanne said...

LOVE Scandal! Good work on the tv/treadmill set up. I love your 150 mile goal but try to make smaller goals too! That way each time you make a little one you're closer to the big one!