teething and hormones - a dangerous combo meal.

today has been a hard day for me.
  1. i'm hormonal.
mikey is teething and more high maintenance than normal.  doesn't want to sit and play. wants to be held a lot. but at times even that isn't good enough.

     2.  i just finished off a whole row of cookies. with a glass of milk.

i cancelled my workout for afterschool. i told garrett he's taking me out to dinner and then we're coming home and watching a movie in bed. hopefully i will fall asleep while it is still light out.

     3. i've been feeling frustrated all day. then i just looked over at mikey who is playing on the floor happily - for what feels like the first time today - and he smiled at me. one of his big adorable smiles. and i started to cry.

poor garrett, huh.


Jori said...

I could go for a whole row of cookies about now. That sounds good. Teething is so hard. I hope you have a nice relaxing evening, tomorrow will be better. :)

Hayley said...

thanks jori.

and by now, it is 2 rows. :)

Beth said...

um I eat cookies like that on a frequent basis...unfortunately. I'm sorry about the crappy day, I sypathize with you, and hope tomorrow is better for both you and mikey.

Elizabeth Ward said...

sound a little to much like a normal day for me.

I made the effort to give up eating cookies 3 days ago and then the kids ate them all so I don't even have the choice now. It makes me pissy not to have sugar.

Did you get Madeline's voice mail today?

Schagel Family said...

Sounds like my day yesterday. I felt like all I did yesterday was yell at the boys. If it wasn't one of them it was another. Then it made me mad at myself for yelling at them and then it just made me more mad and I would yell more. It was an amazingly awful day yesterday. I hope yours will be much better tomorrow. At least you got the nice big smile. My kids are too big and they know what they are doing.