celebrations and exhanges

i had a wonderful birthday. family and friends spoiled me, made me feel special. garrett gave me his upgrade at verizon and let me get an iPhone... loving that thing! i had an iPod Touch and have always though that was fantastic... the phone just makes it better. and FaceTime - what is cooler? nothing. the best present of all? my life. my wonderful husband, my adorable baby - getting to do what i get to do.

for my birthday, my mom gave me a charm from James Avery. she bought it in december when she was in texas, so the charm had sat in a bag in a box for a few months. when i opened it, it was tarnished. silver tarnishes, i know, but i contacted James Avery because I think presents should be untarnished. i called their customer support line, hoping they'd offer to exchange or clean it or something. the lady i spoke with said that the only option for me was to purchase their cleaning supplies. that made me mad. so i sent a disappointed email to their customer service. i mean, anyone who has a charm bracelet has invested money into that thing - they aren't cheap. i don't think it is too much to ask for for the company to take care of their customers. i was pleased to recieve an email back that afternoon offering to send me their cleaning kit and an apology for the rude lady on the phone. i liked that. i also don't think a $20 care kit is too much to ask for when you calculate the hundreds and hundreds of dollars put into my bracelet. side note: in the meantime, garrett had asked if he could try something to fix the charm. he used a little tooth paste & it worked like a charm. ha. get it? so many reasons to keep that kid around.

next up in my adventurous life: my pump stopped working on saturday night mid pump. yes, i'm a nerd & i pump milk for mikey's cereal. one time, i'd tried just using water because i didn't have milk pumped, and he turned his nose up at it. so i was really disappointed when my pump stopped working. i told my mom about it & she, of course, said, "oh, take that back." i didn't think i could because i didn't buy it, it was given to me, it was used and i didn't have a receipt. i grew up with a mom who would take anything back and it was intimidating to me to think of walking into target and giving them something used back and getting a brand new one. so i asked garrett if he'd call target and see what their policy was. they said they'd exhange it and then i asked him to do it for me right then and there. he did. [again, so many reasons. i love him for being willing to take a breast pump in and exhange it for me.] what is even better - they no longer have in stock my single pump, so garrett came home with an upgraded double pump... nice! 

sunday morning, i was blow drying my hair for church when in the mirror all of a sudden i see a spark of fire. flying directly at my head. i brushed it out of my hair and watched it fall to the ground. it scared the kajeebers out of me, to say the least. turned off that blow dryer and went to church with 75% dried hair. i have since ordered an orange blowdryer on amazon and that bad boy should arrive today. yippee!

over the weekend, we also made a wii game purchase. i'm sure some people might find it funny that for my birthday, i wanted the goldeneye 007 wii game. i know many women would probably have no interest in it, but back in college i ruled at that game. played all of the time with krystal and joe. when i sent joe a text this weekend inviting him and his wife over sometime to play, he said he was scared because i used to kick his butt. and i did.  i've made my peace with the fact that garrett is better at everything than i am. when we play against each other, it is pretty evenly split who wins. i'm getting better at it now, garrett and i both play in our "free time." like right now, mikey just went down for a nap. am i going to jump in the shower? nope i'm going to wrap up this post and go shoot people. or maybe it makes perfect sense to some that i like this game so much. 

thanks everyone for the birthday wishes, it was a great day, or week. i had a few meals with friends in celebration which was fun. i received emails, messages, texts and phone calls - all making me feel special. nothing beats kisses from my boys though.


garrett said...

I'm glad you had a good birthday! I just love ya!

Jori said...

How come I was a big ol' idiot and didn't realize it was your birthday?? Happy Birthday Hayley!! SO happy your hair didn't ignite, good thing you weren't spraying on a whole buttload of aqua net.

tiburon said...

I was sad there was no party this year...

Hayley said...

i know, first year in MANY years. but mikey has slowed me WAY down. i've thought about doing one now - but it seems the moment has passed & it is too late.