cafe rio dare

this is my cafe rio order. i dare you to share yours. let me know if you do.

chicken salad a la hayley:
  • black beans. i used to say, "no beans, just rice please." but i'm trying to eat more beans.
  • shredded chicken, unless i have a FREE MEAL, then i get the grilled chicken.
  • shredded lettuce. way easier to eat than the huge regular lettuce bits.
  • no pico.
  • guac on the side. i give it to garrett, cause i love him, of course. normally, i love guac - but for some reason not on my salad.
  • no cilantro.
  • cotija cheese, please. 
  • chips please.
  • creamy tomatillo dressing. if they didn't charge, i'd get 2 dressings. but they do, so i don't. rude.
and that sums up a meal made in heaven.  i guess you can guess where we lunched today. go on, share how you take yours!


garrett said...

You know, but I'll share for all the interwebs to know.

-Usually get chicken, but I've been known to get the pork or steak
-black beans
-everything but cilantro (tastes like weeds)

Fanks for a tasty lunch!

Jori said...

Cafe Rio has made me mad twice in a row. I usually get a pork salad extra pork(it is humiliating how they yell "Extra Meat!" but SOOO worth it)black beans, no cilantro, and creamy T. WELL there was a rock-maybe even a bone I don't really know,and a big blob of fat in my pork. I almost yacked and avoided C.Rio for about 2 months. I finally ventured back on Sat. and we got our order to go(I got shredded chicken, I still cant bring myself to eat the pork. We got home and the rat bastards didn't give us dressing. I screamed "NOOOOOOOOOO!" seriously I was SO upset. It's a good 15 min from our house. We debated about going back but finally I got some ranch out of my fridge, mixed it with my guac and squeezed lime all over the salad. it was good but still not as delishioso as the creamy tomatillo.

Holly O. said...

Shredded chicken salad (unless it is FREE MEAL then I go grilled chicken too).
Black beans.
No guac.
No cilantro.
Creamy dressing.

Tomorrow it will be in my belly.

Mom said...

Love the shredded lettuce. I didn't realize the grilled chicken costs more. Sounds so good. Wish I was going there tomorrow, too.

Heather B said...

My order could beat up your order with one hand tied behind it's back.

Check my blog. :)

And Happy Birthday!!! We SO should have ordered dessert last night. Shoot, now I guess we'll just have to go out again. :)

Heather B said...

P.S. I like your friend Jori. Because she cussed in her comment. And it was funny.

P.S.S. My word verification word is manchoung. Just couldn't let that go without sharing.

tara said...

pork salad, no cilantro (tastes like soap), black beans, shredded lettuce, cream dressing, of which I only use a teeny tiny amount. I can't handle heat. At all.

muy deliciouso!

Katey said...

Great now all I can think about is Cafe Rio and how it will be at least 56 more days until I can eat it...BAH!!!
I ALWAYS get chicken salad, black beans, shredded lettuce (I HATE when I forget that one) and everything but lime and cilantro. Creamy dressing of course as well. Man my mouth is watering...why have you done this to me???

Roy said...

the shredded lettuce has changed my life...thanks for the secret!

tiburon said...

Chicken breast salad - no beans - extra rice - shredded lettuce - no pico - no guac - house dressing

tiburon said...

And for Garrett -

My mom thinks that cilantro tastes like soap.