"you know, cause you won't let me wash my shorts anymore"

how often do you wash pants/shorts/trousers/what-have-you?

shirts - i wash after 1 wear. pants, not so much. i mean, i don't wear them til they're grey... but i wear them probably 2-3 times before washing them, pending they don't get something on them. if they get a dirty spot, i wash them. and since i'm my father's daughter, i always do a smell check before i wear them, to make sure they're safe.

since i've stopped working, laundry has been one of my chores. [honestly, before i stopped working it was a shared duty, but garrett tended to do the wash more than i did.] and when i do darks, i notice that the majority of the load is shorts. boy shorts. garrett shorts. i typically do one load of darks per week and i had noticed that there were probably 5-7 pairs of shorts every time. one load of darks per week = one pair of shorts for pretty much every day. of course, i made comments. along the lines of "do you even wear them before we wash these bad boys again?"

apparently i made enough comments for long enough, cause the last time i did a load of darks, there were no shorts in there. i didn't say anything to him, but i noticed.  i even thought to myself, "see, you can teach an old dog new tricks."

today, we were getting ready to leave for lunch. [we had previously set up a luncheon with one of garrett's old friends from work and yes, i did do a low sodium lunch. it wasn't as fun as it could've been. but i survived.] he came out in a pair of shorts and there was water spots all down his right leg. i looked at him funny and said, "did you have an accident?" 

mr. sassy pants said, "no, i had some spots i needed to clean up, you know, cause you won't let me wash my shorts anymore." i laughed myself silly. seriously, there was snorting and drooling involved.

he completely missed the point. it is a good thing he is so dang cute. alls i know is he better figure out the rules quick, because i refuse to do the smell test on his shorts.

i'll save the story of how he was shouting/screaming in demonstration of how he got scared by a training video yesterday. i think that was one of those you-had-to-be-there moments. but know that i had to hold myself to keep from peeing & i seriously think that this baby is going to be severely traumatized when he's born and hears his daddy's voice.

and too bad for him, cause the dr. said that i'm not supposed to be doing any lifting. not even to carry in groceries. so. the laundry is pretty much his task now. [again] maybe i should go put all of my skirts/pants/anything-i-can-fit-into-right-now  in to be washed. teach that guy a lesson!


Beth said...

Ha Ha I can totally hear Garrett saying that. Roy takes the opposite approach and holds onto his dirty shorts for weeks and then without warning I have a thousand pair of shorts to wash. I really should be more pro-active when it comes to gathering laundry, but really I don't have the desire to police Roy and his dirty shorts. Pretty soon you'll be lifting a little bundle of Mikey.

Holly O. said...

I have a similar schedule to you. Usually two wears out of bottoms. Skirts can go longer.