we've got some goals

i love the nike plus website. you can set up all sorts of goals for yourself. challange others. i've set goals to work out a certain amount of times per week, a certain distance gone by a certain time, all sorts of things. garrett and i can even challange each other to things. i love that the chip & my ipod work all sorts of magic for me. calculating all sorts of goodies. i'll also be tracking my mileage on my sidebar. to keep myself honest.

last night, we started talking about working towards things. we both need motivation.

  • the grand prize is: at 300 miles, we earn ourselves a new pair of running shoes. yes, i'm not even to a marathon yet, but that should change tonight.
  • a marathon [granted not all at once] earns you a get off the treadmill free pass. for those not so feelin' it nights.
  • 50 miles gets you a movie and a treat of your choice.
  • 100 miles gets you dinner or lunch anywhere you want.
the thing i like about this is: our rewards are slightly counter productive. but i don't care. also, we both benefit. he's not going to lunch without me. i'm not going to a movie without him. but the earner gets to be the picker. and if/when i get to 300 miles & earn myself a new pair of shoes, i'll be able to honestly say it's the first pair of exercise shoes that i've worn out. sad. but i'll get there.


garrett said...

You'll totally get there. We're committed--again. And I like that there are periodic goals to keep us motivated. We can do it!

Beth said...

It's great that you guys are working on these goals together. Roy and I have been hard at work using your P90X. Eventually we will have to buy our own, but in the mean time...thanks!

Mom said...

I love the way you do things together.

Christy said...

i love it!

Holly O. said...

Did I read somewhere you are already losing weight? GO HAYLEY AND GARRETT!!!!

Heather B said...

So, I've been reading your husband's blog. Because he's kind of hillarious. Let him know I agree with his teeth sentiments. And that I'm not a crazy person reading his blog. Or just that I'm a harmless crazy person reading his blog. Thanks.

P.S. It's been 5 days since you've posted. Isn't that kinda slackin' for you? :)

Jamie Harker said...

I love the Nike Plus thing too! Good for you! What's your "bonus song"? Mine if Fat Bottomed Girls haha. Makes me laugh everytime.