5th graders are smart. i'm subbing for a friend who had surgery this morning. she teaches 5th grade, which is a little scary to me, but so far, so good.

the secretary just got on the overhead pa system & said "we've got the phone people here & if you're having phone troubles, call down & let me know."

one of the kids blurts out, "i'm confused. if you're having troubles with the phone, how are you supposed to call?"

i burst out laughing. it is true & he was right. duh. you wouldn't hear that out of a 2nd grader's mouth.


Shelley~Maren said...

Hahaha! When we have phone issues, I ask them to EMAIL me... lol IF I had phone issues there, I'd scream out the door, and see if there was a reply... Touche indeed.

Shad said...

I love 5th graders. They have always been my favorite. A grade I would definitely choose if I ever have to go back. When I renew the license that I "accidentally" let lapse.

Jenny said...

ha! sorry...Shad doesn't read your blog. It was mwah.

Heather B said...

So today we had 140 fourth graders in my room to play recorders. Some of them forgot theirs, and I was looking for the rubbing alcohol to clean them off a loaner one. So out of my mouth comes, "I just need some alcohol!" Nice. Some of the fourth graders got it. Others? Clueless.