my own confessional

mindi over at word to your mother is doing a confessional. and i'll admit, i love reading the juicy confessions.

i hate stinky feet & breath. i've noticed if you've had it. i worry about my own breath all of the time. (my feet don't stink) this pretty much goes for all odors. i actually stopped dating a guy once cause i just didn't like the way he smelled.

i have never liked the way my capital G's look. since Garrett, I've been practicing. it looks much better now, but still isn't completely natural. i'm a nerd, i realize, but i teach school & handwriting is important.

the thought of my name changing is weird to me. i'm excited about it, don't get me wrong - but weird all the same. i'm very connected to being Miss Jones but will happily be Mrs. Ward. i just wonder how long it'll take for me to actually answer to that.

i like to read way more than i like watching tv. but tv is more social. but i don't just want to watch anything, just for the sake of watching. i would actually rather have no tv on, than just having noise. i think that stems from being around noise all day long. it's nice to have quiet.

i think things in my head that i'd never say out loud. someones i say more than i should, but not as often as i'm thinking them.

before Garrett, I made fun of people that fell in love fast, got engaged quick & got married in less than a year. i thought it was ridiculous. what a hypocrite! but i'm gladly eating my own words now... ;)

a lot of people have opinions... about the state of our government, politics, education, religion - that sorta thing. just because i don't state my opinions on these issues doesn't mean that i don't have them. i do. but i respect your right to have yours & mine to have my own. someone in my life is very overbearing when it comes to these types of things. if you're not doing it her way, you're wrong, according to her... i keep my mouth shut usually just so i don't have to hear her talk anymore. but someday, i'd love to give her a mouthful of why she's wrong & why i'm right. i think it out in my head way more often than i should.

and last but not least - i never thought i'd be able to actually break my addiction to caffeine. i am just too emotionally tied to dr pepper. but the thought of being a chubby bride is motivation enough for me. not that i won't still be chubby, but less chubby.


Tiburon said...

LOVE your confessions. :)

Jan said...

It's been years (nearly 34, to be exact) and I still look around for Mark's mom when someone says "Sister Mason!". Really.

Mindi said...

opinionated people are what makes the world go 'round.

good stuff.

Adam said...

OK - you need to scan a copy of your 'g' so we can see a before practice and after practice version. I wonder if they really look that bad...

Hayley said...

so since i hated the way my capital g looked, i always just wrote a big lower case g... now, i'm working on writing a normal, better capital G

Anonymous said...

That is so funny... I had a real issue with changing from Ms. Duff to Mrs. Bunker when I taught too. I think I taught for about 3 years before I got married. It's a real idenity to who you are as a teacher. I feel ya. (Ps. I've always hated my "G"s too!!)

Holly O. said...

I love these. I am pretty sure I am the opinionated person you are bagging on. Riiiiiiiiiight.

Heather said...

I was laughing a few times my sista. Wow, you were right on the juicy little tid bits over on Mindi's blog! Good read!

Suzie said...

Love the confessions. Read them all and still think you are awesome. And I am totally rooting for you making some better G caps! I KNOW you can do it!

and here's my confession. I have never liked the way my hubby smells. But we've been together over 22 years.
And I have power nose.
Yep. I have excellent coping skills. The Armed Forces should hire me.