100 days

the countdown hasn't just begun. but this is a big number - and it's only getting smaller...

we're getting married in 100 days. i'm already starting to lose sleep over it - due to excitement only.

here's a list of some of the things that still need to happen:

  • purchase wedding bands. we've figured out what we want
  • honeymoon location & plan
  • wedding night location?
  • hair do - figure out what i wanna do and where i am going to get that done.
  • invitations... in all their glory - printed & mailed... then comes the waiting for the RSVPs.
  • more weight to lose
  • engagement pictures (hojo is doing this - and a weekend has been planned)
  • any and all of the legal crap that comes with getting married. i've heard that part is not fun. i'm dreading it, actually
  • dress for me to wear that day when not in wedding dress...
  • luncheon location - we've got it narrowed down...
  • flower girl dresses. have one i love, now i just need to find where to buy or who can make
here's a list of the things that have been figured out:
  • wedding location
  • reception location
  • decorator for reception
  • caterer for reception
  • photographer
  • flowers... one of two options at the moment, hopefully one, but have a fine back up
  • cake of my dreams - in the makings
  • in my humble little opinion: best proposal i could dream of complete with a perfect ring, that he picked out.
(these pictures aren't exactly great, but one night after we both worked out, we had some fun on his laptop...)

Garrett, I love you!


Jan said...

I love reading your lists -- like I've said before, your happiness comes through loud and clear. Makes me love Garrett just for the happiness he has brought to you.

Holly O. said...

Ahhhhh. 100 days will fly by!

garrett said...

I love you, too Hayley!

100 days... wow. Holly's right, it's going to fly by. :-)

Heather said...

So cute!! 100 days??? That's nothing!! I'm so excited. :)

Elizabeth Ward. said...

I'm so glad that you are enjoying the planning process. I was excited for the first 2 weeks, I think. Then I just wanted it over. I hope it never gets that way for you. It's good that you started early and have 100 days still to do stuff. Good luck.

Shelley said...

I love a good list.
I love that Holly is taking your pics! (Can't wait to see them!)
I love that you're losing sleep over just being excited.
I even love that you've got RSVP's going.

I'm so incredibly happy for you! (PS, the legal stuff isn't so bad at all! Just a few papers... :) )

Shelley said...

Oh, and if any perspective helps, I've already been working here for 100 days... (more actually I think)... It does NOT seem like that long! :)

Kristin Jones said...

It'll be here before you know it! So exciting!!

Mom said...

Lots of fun stuff coming up, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and your wedding. I can hardly wait.

Carter Family said...

How exciting!!!

100 Percent Cottam said...

so much to do! so fun!

Tiburon said...

It is practically around the corner!

the milners said...

Hi Hayley its Matt, its probable weird to hear from me but i got to your blogg through Kristens. Just wanted to say congratulations and good luck with your wedding.