years and years...

I sat here last night as Garrett took hours to post this. I've read as most of his siblings have done this post in the last week or so & as I was waiting last night, I came up with most of my own responses. I'm timing myself to see how long it does not take me.

20 years ago..

1. I started my international travels. London, England. the airline lost my luggage. so all the fancy clothes my mom had gotten me for Christmas, down the drain.
2. Heidi got engaged. I met David first out of my family. He made me a pbj. I thought it was so strange to think of having a boy in the family.

3. I had Mrs. Kirker for the 2nd time. Not because i repeated grades, but because she was my 2nd grade teacher & then moved to 4th.

4. During neighborhood wars, I used to pick on Mark Hassman. He was a pansy. I've never been that nice. His mom marched over to my backyard with her ugly arse sandals and toes hanging over the edge & yelled at me about how I was supposed to be a nice Christian girl and to leave her boy alone. I remember being afraid those feet were going to get me.

5. I was in the midst of my ugly streak. Poor kid. It lasted clear through high school.

10 years ago..

1. I moved to Hawaii. to finish school. BYU-H. Enchanted Lake Elementary. going to town. TGIFridays. Sunset Beach. Biggie Smalls stalking (don't worry not the scary kind. just the crush kind. it worked out for me in the long run.) Nicole.
2. My roommates would dance to "Bye Bye Bye" and I would mock them. Secretly, I loved the songs & wanted to dance with them. But I was just too cool

3. 11 years ago, I went to Ricks for the first time. Leaving Chicago, for what would ultimately be for good, I just didn't know it. I met roommates & friends in those 2 years that will last forever. I'm so glad I met those girls.

4. I started my education classes. I had an easy time picking a major, it was the one natural thing for me becoming an adult. I knew what I wanted to do.

5. In Hawaii one morning, I was speeding down Kam. Hwy. A cop pulled out behind me, a few cars back. As soon as I saw his lights go on, I knew he was coming for me. I quickly pulled over & just sat there. He went speeding by, not seeing me. It was my one time at avoiding getting a ticket in years to come.

5 years ago...

1. I was just getting out of a disastrous relationship that ended with a police report. i had to get what is one step before a restraining order. wow. i don't know why, but i always had to date jerks. til now.
2. i started dating what would turn out to be an even bigger disaster. what a waste of the next 3 years. plus the next few it took for me to heal.

3. I bought a car... then 6 months later a house. hello?!? could no one have advised me against making 2 huge purchases so close?

4. I became the team leader in 2nd grade. I still am. I think sucker is written on my forehead.

5. Annie was born. She has been the light of my life since then. She wipes away any sadness the moment I see her.

3 years ago...

1. I got back together with the tahitian a-hole. we'd broken up. then he found out i was dating someone else & slimed his way back in. biggest mistake. ever.
2. Connor was born. St. George became one of my favorite places to go.

3. I went to Paris with my parents. It snowed, my parents had to share a twin sized bed, and I was sick. But I would do it again in a heart beat.

4. Nicole came to visit me for a month. We had a great time.
She was a life saver.
5. I developed a severe hatred for my smoke detectors. they still haunt me.

1 year ago...

1. I became friends with Kimmy.
2. I gave up on dating. I'd dated a bunch of people in the last year. I didn't like any of them. It was a waste of time. I stopped dating & focused on other things.
3. I went to the temple as my friend was sealed to her family. Amazing experience.

4. Will was born. The last baby in my family. unless I have kids. I have enjoyed that little guy so much.
5. I went on my first cruise. and cruising became my ultimate vacation. wanna plan another one right now.

So far this year...
1. I have gained weight I said I wouldn't.
2. I made a road trip out to Heather's for Easter, with Kim.
3. I went home to visit & had a lovely time with my parents.
4. I have reconnected with my one of my childhood best friends, a college roommate & my high school boyfriend. what a crazy trip down memory lane! i hadn't talked to them for 10 years. the roommate - almost that long.
5. I have fallen in love. everything else seems like it belongs in the shadows.

Yesterday ...
1. I left school early. Love the "district meetings" on fridays.
2. I had a conversation with a parent of a student. She made me feel so good.
3. Laughed so hard I almost peed when Garrett got $80 in cash, accidentally. classic.
4. We grocery shopped. and didn't get the things we wanted. i mean, the things on our list.
5. I finished the first of the Janet Evanovich - Stephanie Plum books. I laughed so hard. Garrett kept saying, "what?"

1. I'll probably go get the rest of my groceries
2. I will eventually dry this mop of hair.
3. I will meet some of Garrett's good friends. and have tin foil dinners. in his brother's back yard.
4. I couldn't sleep in, no matter how hard I tried.
5. I still need to take all of my medicine. (i'm 2 hours late on the antibiotic right now. breakfast is next on the agenda)

Tomorrow I will...
1. go to church with Garrett. Kimmy's out of town.
2. talk to my parents.
3. read & nap.
4. go for a walk with Garrett.
5. hopefully not snort my way through sacrament meeting. but its risky. with this cold, i've been quite the snorter

Over the next year...
1. I will turn 30. whooooooaaaaaaaaaa!
2. finish my 8th year of teaching 2nd grade
3. I will lose 40 pounds. if it kills me.
4. travel. somewhere. even if its just to Camas & Santa Clara. hopefully Chicago, too. I wanna take someone special there.
5. keep living & enjoying life.

so there. it took me a half hour to do this. put that in your pipe and smoke it garrett!


garrett said...

Nice work. Yeah, my mini-novel took just a touch longer than an hour...

I'm so freakin' jealous of your international travels. I've been to Mexico. That's it. Not even Canada. But like there's anything interesting there.

I'm excited for tomorrow! I might sing louder than usual, just to welcome you to my ward. ;-)

100 Percent Cottam said...

that's fun stuff to read, chicky!

Mom said...

You have always had fun wherever you go and I'm just looking forward to what you will do next.
You are my baby girl.

Sarah Young said...

What a cool idea! I have to admit, I run on Garrett's time schedule! It takes me hours to post a thoughtful blog entry. Justin loves to make fun of me for it, but hey, you can't rush thought processes! At least in my brain anyways! I loved reading your answers!

Melissa said...

That is a great idea for a post...loved it!!

Julie said...

Hello! This was such a fun one to read Hayley. I love your blog, you are adorable and sound SO happy right now. Congrats!

Suzie said...

now that was just good clean fun.
perhaps you could do an R rated one just for fun?


Mom said...

Heavens, please don't encourage her for an R rated blog.

Barb McLean said...

Come on Nedra..let the girl be R rated if she feels the need :)Hayley...now I know what you have been up to since...forever ago! Glad to feel your happiness as you speak of your life now. I miss your whole fan-damily. You tell that mother of yours she better make a side trip the next time she is in Camas. Danny lives in Vancouver and I would love to see your Ma & Pa next time they are in this neck of the woods. Garrett must be pretty special to have a Jones girl in his life!

Tiburon said...

I would MUCH prefer you Hayleyize that some more ;)

Still learned some stuff though...