canning & napping

 these are the things i canned in september & october. well, mostly liz, garrett and heidi did the work while i stood around either large marge and pregnant or holding a newborn. there is plum jam, blackberry jam, tomatillo salsa, regular salsa, tomatoes & pickles. i'm sorta proud of my self for this.
i love that garrett gets done with work most days at 4. today, i desperately needed him to take over for me. i needed a little me time. mikey didn't sleep from 1-4 last night. tummy problems. then today, i think it was bugging him again. [i've noticed that days that he seems to be suffering, he usually didn't have a great night before, either. interesting.] i had to run to the store to get some tea [don't ask. if you don't know, you don't want to. if you do, i'm sorry for your experience!] and he screamed the whole way there. seriously, that poor kid and riding in the car. road trips are not going to be happening anytime in our near future. back to the point. mikey's sleep wasn't sticking & so i really didn't get anything done that i needed to all day. sure, holding my baby was fun, but my arm pits started stinking around 11 am. so, i nursed mikey, garrett finished work and i got an hour to myself. i vacuumed, i bathed [...teabags...], i did some baby book/picture placing in scrapbooks. it wasn't glamourous, but it was just what i needed. 

and now, mikey's sleeping in his little beddie bye & i'm back to missing him like i usually do when i put him down to sleep. seriously, i need to get a grip. thanks again, garrett - i owe you.


Mom said...

Canned food in jars is always impressive. Hope you have a much better sleep tonight.

garrett said...

I hope you have a much better night's sleep, too! Sorry it was a rough one. I'm glad he let me rock him today!

Jori said...

I am jealous of your canned goods, I have wanted to do pickles but haven't gotten around to it. I love that you miss Mikey while he is sleeping. :)