labor day campout: part 1... set up

we had to get our tents set up & settled in. bradley came & hung with us for a little while so his mom could get stuff done. he was, as always, delightful.
garrett was playing with bradley - making him be a flying baby... and he got drooled on - almost directly in the mouth. after that, he just held him on his belly... some lessons are hard, some are just funny to learn.
he sat and snuggled with me for a while, too. i do enjoy that kid.

for those of you that don't know, which is most people - this campout was kinda last minute - we went camping with Jared & Liz this weekend. yes, me - i went. and i enjoyed it. i know, i know, i'm the world's biggest city slicker. but we were very close to toilets & i can't complain about anything. [toilets nearby were our only requirement. kids & IBS need toilets]

more to come... have no fear.


garrett said...

Yay!! I love the pictures! Everyone should know, there are about 100. Not joking. Hayley has done a great job picking the good ones. ;)

Love you, Hayley! Glad we went and glad you had fun!

Mom said...

Looks like a fun weekend. Your pictures are fun and I especially liked the slideshow. You know your picture business, Hayley. You know you are having a good time when a little throw up doesn't bother you. The view was picturesque. Glad you had your light jackets.

tiburon said...

I heart camping. Looks like you had a great time!