a sleepover at the hotelcondo

the boys loved that there were movies to watch.
they ran around the couch a ton. easy entertainment. sometimes i joined in.
we played outside on scooters. a storm had just blown thru. the sky was gorgeous.
connor loved that they had scooters.
i love this picture for so many reasons. willy's shoes are on the wrong feet. he's such a big boy on the scooter. he's watching his big brother here & his tongue is out - concentrating. and then there's garrett's foot. ha.

garrett's work has a condo in st. george. apparently at some point in time he signed up for a weekend stay and our weekend was this last one. we decided that we were going to go down for a weekend to relax, regardless of whether or not holly & fam were around or available. lucky for us, they were. we slept at the condo, but spent most of our time with them. in fact, saturday night, the boys came and had a sleepover with us, while hojo & kevin took a little trip to vegas. we had a blast. garrett's company is incredibly generous & the condo was so nice. it was huge - 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, full kitchen and a huge family room. we're also now convinced that we need a king sized bed - boy that extra 16 inches is heaven! i didn't wear a stitch of makeup all weekend - i had pink eye, so i really couldn't anyway. we came home feeling much better rested!


Kristin Jones said...

So fun!!

Carter Family said...

Looks like fun!

Holly O. said...

Thanks again for the sleepover! It was fantastic for all of us.

tiburon said...

LUCKY! That is awesome!