christmas morning - out of order pictures.

Big news of the day - Hopey has finally embraced Garrett. Now, instead of her saying "that guy" like its a curse word, she calls him "nice guy" or "silly guy" - this was a 24 hour warm up. He bribed her with "makes" (sparkly chap sticks) & candies, cookies and any other goodie that he could get her to take from him. I'm sure some of it came from watching her older siblings find him purely delightful. His goodness is contagious.

After all of our unwrapping, my dad made a delicious breakfast... He's always good for a tasty breakfast!

Holly gave us this popcorn popper, from our registry @ target. which reminds me, our wedding is just barely 3 weeks away, oh my goodness!

Hopey took this picture of me. She likes cameras & phones. what kid doesn't, right?

Garrett got me an iPod Touch! knocked my socks right off. He's the best!

Hayden absolutely loves Garrett. This was bright and early this morning, before we went downstairs.

This is the first real positive interaction between Hopey & Garrett.
Watch closely - Hopey's expressions are priceless!


tiburon said...

Looks like you had a SUPER FANTASTIC day!

So glad you and Garrett are reunited!


Jan said...

Merry Christmas to you - -what a perfect, happy time! I love it.

Red Bed Head said...

Cute how her tongue is sticking out!