henry is one!

i can't believe this baby is one. he's becoming less and less a baby every day, too. in some ways, it seemed like a long year - that ol' 2013. but in henry time, it flew. i feel like he was only a newborn for about 5 minutes. i remember he was easy and sweet. he smelled good. he liked his momma best. [by the way, he still does.] he had a huge head. he rarely cried. he has always been a happy boy. easy going and smiley. he loves his brother. he loves his daddy. he likes to play games. scratch that - he loves to play games. he likes to use his looks to get away with naughtiness. he has been a huge source of peace and happiness in my life. i'm so glad he joined our family. he makes me happy all of the time. he's just the easiest thing to love still. [no talking back yet, no arguing... you know. i still adore the 3 year old, he's just harder now!]

i'm so thankful for this angel. i tell heavenly father every day "thank you for giving him to me when you did!" 

happy 1st birthday, my hugglemonster! i love you!

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