his precious little hand

this morning, i was nursing and garrett was making pudding to do pudding art with mikey. mikey wandered into our room and i could hear him on the treadmill, one of his favorite places for at least a year. he loves walking on there, recently discovered making it "bigger bigger" by increasing the incline. one of his fanciest tricks has been to walk backwards on it. in the last 2 weeks, he's figured out how to turn it on on his own. it has crossed my mind more than once that i didn't like him being able to get on there without us - he could get hurt, though i have to admit this injury is not what crossed my mind when i thought about it. when we heard the blood curdling scream, i yelled at garrett to run. he did. garrett had to pull mikey's sweet little hand out from in between the end guard plastic part and the running treadmill... garrett was quiet, so i knew what he saw wasn't good, in addition to mikey crying and screaming. i asked him what was going on... he said, "skin is missing." and i knew it was time to get henry off of me and go see what was going on. garrett had mikey in the bathroom and was rinsing his hand and sadly, i immediately wanted to throw up or pass out or sit down and cry for poor mikey... but i didn't. i tried to help garrett by getting out first aid supplies. i'm not good at all in this kind of emergency situation. i was dismissed to go finish nursing henry, who by now was crying, too. eventually, he calmed down, garrett got mikey bandaged up, they snuggled on the couch with an ice pack and mikey pretty quickly fell asleep - the shock was wearing off and apparently it was pretty exhausting. 

long story short - we took him into the doctor's office this afternoon - 2nd degree burns. we'll follow instructions on how to take care of his sweet little fingers for the next few days. we'll keep the ibuprofen flowing for as long as he needs it, we'll spoil him with ice cream and whatever else we need to do. it has been almost 10 hours since it happened and my body is still tense. i don't want to imagine what mikey feels, though i have to say he seemed to be dealing with it really well today. he was pretty happy, perky and normal tonight. i'm trying not to feel too guilty about what happened. i could easily beat myself up emotionally. but i do know mikey will be pretty disappointed because the emergency pull cord will always be removed and put up high from the treadmill from here on out - he won't be able to work it at all. 


Amanda Price said...

Hope he feels better. The nice thing is, he probably wont even remember it when he gets older!

garrett said...

Poor guy. That was heartbreaking to listen to him scream about it. Makes me sad just thinking about those first couple minutes.