a few insta shots

garrett was sick in the night on sunday and threw up monday morning. last night, mikey started puking around 9. every 20 minutes for at least the next 2 hours. then a few more times throughout the night. garrett slept on the floor with him and took care of it while i tried to rest. mikey screams every time he pukes, so i didn't sleep through it, but i know i rested better than him. today he didn't puke during the day [last time was around 4 a.m.] but he hasn't felt good. he has been ornery - punched me square in the eye at one point because he was mad i wasn't garrett. henry is fighting something... he's spitting up way more often than he normally does, pooping too & it stinks. i've been trying to get him to go to bed for almost 2 hours now, he can't fall asleep, he's uncomfortable... i don't know exactly what to do for him. i've nursed him 3 times. he's been pretty sweet all day, tonight during a diaper change, he was making the sweetest coos. garrett is in on the floor sleeping of mikey's room right now... mikey keeps waking up and fussing. poor kid, poor garrett. we all need rest. and no more puking. please bless. goodnight. [basically i wanted to blog to get mikey's finger off the top of my blog.]

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