henry's here!

henry atkin ward. 
born january 15, 2013

simply put - this baby is perfection. we're all having so much fun with him. he's delightful. healthy, happy and he smells like heaven. the c-section went well, i will go into that story another time. i just want to remember and point out that the whole experience was easier than mikey's. no NICU stays, no nurses that i wanted to kill, no NICU stay, even getting up out of bed the first time was much more pleasant, no NICU stay. did i mention he didn't go to the NICU? that part really means a lot to me. 
mikey is absolutely loving his baby brother. when he walks into the room, it doesn't matter who is there, what is going on - he wants to know where his brother is. "where's baby henry?" mikey calls him names that he hears me calling them like "sweetie", "honey", and "sweetheart". which i think is pretty adorable. he loves to sniff henry the way i do, and he rubs his face all over him, kissing him pretty constantly. he said, "i got you baby henry, i promise!" when henry was crying at the hospital.

my parents were both here til sunday and then my mom had to go home. boo. we miss her.  i've got my dad for another day or two. he's a huge help with mikey and the rest of us. i feel like we've got a personal servant running around taking care of all of us. he's even gotten my car washed and just this morning he went down in the frigid cold and washed windows on the car. i cried when neddie left, and i'll cry when my dad leaves, too. they're moving out here soon though - i keep reminding myself of that and it makes it a little better.

i'm recovering well. i feel good about where i am and what i can do and how i feel compared to how many pain killers i'm on. [i'm trying to cut out the perky right now and just do motrin...  we'll see how that works. so far so good - no perky since last night... once my dad leaves i might have a little relapse.]

henry sleeps and eats and poops and pees. if you're lucky, you'll catch a dreaming smile. he's lovely. his little cry, though we don't hear it too often is fierce when it happens. we're learning quickly that henry is more of a pee-er than mikey was.  last night, henry peed over his own head and as it lost strength, all over his own face.  luckily he was about to get a tubby. this morning he got himself and mikey, which prompted a "holy crap" out of mikey. he lost 11% of his birth weight before we left the hospital, but we went to the dr to get his weight checked yesterday & he's gaining now.  not quite up to birth weight, but making good progress. we don't have to wake him up anymore in the night. last night - he slept for a little over 4 hours before he wanted to eat again. i'll take that.
[photo taken by my nephew, connor... i think he's inherited the photog talent from his mom!]

henry is one week old today. why does it have to go so fast? why couldn't pregnancy go this fast? yes, i'm more than thrilled to be done being pregnant. we're all adjusting nicely... if we can get mikey's new little cold to go away and have him resting better. he's been a little naughty towards pretty much anyone besides henry the last few days. i don't love that part. but i know he's adjusting and tired and a little sick. i feel really sympathetic for him until he hits my dad and then i want to kick his little behind. :)
ok, there is more to write about, but my dad left with mikey and i've got some project life catching up and some rest to take advantage of. might even squeeze in a nice long shower! 


garrett said...

He is pretty sweet, and you're such a good mom! I'm so glad you're documenting all this stuff. Maybe I should blog about him a little, too, huh? Love you!

Beth said...

He is absolutely adorable. Babies are heaven indeed, and I can't wait to hold little man! So glad to hear your also feeling better this time around, and more then anything that baby is doing well.

Jen Allyson said...

Congrats!!! How has the transition been so far for you? I feel like we're just getting in the swing of things and my LO is 15 weeks.