the premeditated strike

mikey has been in two time outs already today. it is 8:59 am. two time outs because he has hit me twice. both times, he pulled his arm back, i said, "don't you hit your mama or you will go to time out!" he thought about it and proceeded. that is premeditated and you get a time out at our house for it. lots of tears.

the first time was because he was mad at my vehicle choice while i was playing mario kart. for him. i turned the tv off and said, "no mario kart and no tv for a while." that didn't go over well.

the second time was after the first time out, he came over and was asking for more mario kart. i said no tv for a while. he had the mario kart wheel in his hand. he pulled it back to hit me, i said, "don't you hit your mama! or time out!" he thought about it and hit me again. now, the wheel is up on a shelf that he can't reach.

um, mikey - i might not be able to run and chase you right now, and i have been trying to keep you happy by playing wii and letting you watch all the "stuffins" you can have, but your yelling at me and attempts to boss me around aren't going to get you anywhere. except maybe your crib for another time out. :)

please don't judge this little boy. he's bored. i feel bad for him. not bad enough to let him get away with this acting out, but i do feel bad. he is typically so sweet. i think we've got a very long month ahead of us. i can't wait til garrett's vacation time starts - for mikey's sake.


Sarah said...

Ha! This brings back some memories. Just keep doing what you are doing...firm, consistent, and fair. It's exhausting but so, so worth it.

Beth said...

Hang in there Hayley! I totally have days like that and I can still sort of chase finn around and keep him busy. We will have to come over and play and have some fun with that little red head.