december mikey deliciousness

mikey has been delightful this christmas season. *he loves the tree and will touch the ornaments to talk about them. he hasn't broken any - knock on wood! - so far though. *he likes the presents under the tree - thinks they're all for him. "presents for me!" *he loves listening to christmas music. he'll sing along to the christmas cd in the car and sometimes it just melts my heart. *we've taken him to drive around and look at christmas lights two nights this week. he LOVES it. he gets so animated and uses all kinds of big words when he's talking about the lights. it is darling. and it is something i can participate in, so i love it, too. *he says, "merry christmas!" to people all of the time. like this morning when garrett went in to get him out of bed, he was greeted with a, "merry christmas, dada!" and then when he saw me, he look at me and then looked at the tree and said, "merry christmas, mama!" like i should've already said it. *he loves to sit in our family room with only the christmas tree lights on - in the morning when it is still dark or the evening, as we eat some breakfast and snuggle. it is funny. if someone turns a light on in the kitchen, they'll hear about it! *he really enjoys watching either mickey's once upon a christmas or twice upon a christmas that i dvr-ed earlier this month. it's cute. *he knows who santa is. he knows about reindeer.  he knows about elves. he KNOWS about candy canes. i don't think he gets that santa is coming to our house. that's ok... *all of my christmas books are way over his head, so story time at night has become a "where's the ..." time and then we read a few of his favorite books that he can mentally handle. i can handle this. *of course with having his daddy off work all week, with a whole nother week of all-dada-all-the-time - we're both getting spoiled like crazy. i changed a diaper today and realized it had been about a week since i last changed one. *our ward has been bringing the sacrament into us, for me. i felt so silly about it at first, but now i'm just appreciating the spirit that it brings into our home. the young men come and prepare it and sing a hymn, which right now we're singing christmas songs. in the middle of their singing, he yells out, "what the heck song is that?" not at all embarrassing. *on a non-christmas related note, he is saying some super funny things days...  like today, i said - because he's a little feverish and getting a cold - to him that we needed to go get him some more tylenol. he yelled, "no, i no like it tiny wall!" really he was just mad that his daddy was not the one getting him up from a nap. a dose of tylenol and some grapes cheered him right up though. *he also has adored playing in the snow - with his daddy. we've had two good snowstorms so far. they made snow angels & built a snowman. it is so fun to hear him talk about being coldy. he's not complaining - just stating a fact. he loves it. *we have 6 gallons of milk in our fridge right now. i don't want to have to run to the store on christmas day because of no milk. garrett just said, "we'll have to ration." a gallon a day should suffice us. i know i'm crazy, but i guarantee none will go to waste... there are going to be cookies, fudge and pies to be had very soon. milk will be consumed! *mikey calls marshmellows "smellows" and he loves them. we've made a batch or two of the delicious ward family fudge around here.  so he's been asking for smellows a lot. i just got him a small bowl of smellows. he got up from his desk to look at a toy and when he came back, he said, "i back, smellows!" cause they're his best friend :)

*merry christmas, y'all!


Beth said...

Oh I can't over how handsome Mikey looks in that picture. I love that little red-head!

garrett said...

It really was a great Christmas! I love reading your perspective. I wonder what things Mikey will remember from Christmastime. :) I like that kid.