the last 2 months in photos - not in order

 watching jake on my phone.
 playing outside during a november snowstorm
 snuggling dada
 mama likey the "fidge" as mikey calls it. he likes it too. 
 now, it is on the ipad. we might change his name to ted. 
 heather's, holly's and mine @ st. george temple
 thanksgiving afternoon during a rough game of hide and seek, hayden came down bleeding from the head. 
 i adore hannah. she's a lovely, sweet, beautiful teenager - a rare treat in my opinion. and not just because she was rubbing my feet. 
 me at 32 weeks preggers (yesterday), desperately searching for an outfit to wear to church. i texted this to holly for permission. i wore it, so don't tell me if it didn't work. 
 mckay and sindi got married at the beginning of november. 
 halloween - it was a lovely day.
 one sunday afternoon i think in october, we went to a park. it was a nice day.
 my mom, sisters and the ladies from "our best bites" during time out for women, our little over night/weekend away/ to celebrate my mom's birthday. it was so much fun to be with the sisters and parental unit.
mikey wanted to wear his costume over to show grandpa right before halloween. 

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