a little catch up

i haven't blogged since the second week of october. it is almost december. that is kinda stinky. except i post a daily picture on the other blog, so if you must know - you can go there.

life is good right now, we're gearing up for the holidays. and by gearing up - i mean stocking up on fudge supplies. and getting ready for this baby to come mid january. 

mikey is full of personality, saying things every day that crack us up. i love that kid. i can't wait to see how he handles his baby brother. i love when people hold over my head how i'm going to ruin his life - sure, we're well aware of the grand change that will happen around here. but i think mikey will love him. and he will roll with the punches. and we'll slow down for a while, for sure - but hasn't life slowed down since i've been pregnant anyway?  we're not doom and glooming it for mikey, just trying to see the positive. plus, we're excited to meet this baby. and i'm excited to be done being pregnant!

halloween was cute, mikey was an airplane. he loved trick or treating with nana. he was super polite & that melted my heart. i need to post pictures.

thanksgiving was a jones family extravaganza this year. we all gathered at holly's in st. george and had a blast. its been almost 4 years since we were all together, for our wedding and then - that barely counts as a family reunion. cousins reacquainted, sisters giggled, males bonded, and grandparents sat back and soaked it in. again, i will post pictures soon. 

some current mikey favorites: his dad - "dada" would definitely top his list. he wakes up in the morning asking for him and it doesn't stop til he's in bed at night. he loves having us "play a show" which is mario kart on the wii. he will pick what character we can be, usually donkey kong or wario and what car or motorcycle we can drive. he loves the christmas tree that we put up last night, especially the cars ornaments, which he also still loves all of his cars. i love going down the line and having him name them for me. some are absolutely adorable - francesco bernoulli - "frankonoulli". he adores jake and the neverland pirates on disney junior. he loves watching his disney junior shows on the tv, iphones or ipad. they do prove to come in handy on car rides or at my frequent doctor appointments. 

ok. mikey is down for his nap, which means it is my nap time, too! gotta enjoy it while i can. i will post pictures hopefully tonight or tomorrow. like anyone cares. i don't even think my parents read the blog anymore. 

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Beth said...

Its about time! It's not like we don't see you or anything, but I sure like reading your posts.