nemo bed, here we come!

my baby is growing up.

sometimes it is a lot for me to handle. 

he says so much. sometimes with a lot of sass. he only holds hands in the street. he can climb 4 flights of stairs without getting winded. he gets so proud of himself. he yells, "i did it!" 

today he repeated a swear word i yelled in the car when we almost got into a huge car accident. he only said it once and it reminded me i have to be SO careful. it won't happen again, mom. he can repeat EVERYTHING.

we got his big boy bed a couple of weeks ago. up until this weekend, he only played on it. then this weekend, he wanted to nap in there. we let him. it went fine. he even stayed in bed until we came and rescued him. he said, "oh, done?" when we walked in. 

tonight, after i read him some books, i said, "ok - bedtime!" and he went over and climbed in. he sat there waiting for me to tuck him in with all of his blankets. i almost burst into tears. being pregnant is hard sometimes on my ol' emotions. 

so now he might be sleeping in his elmo bed. cause there are elmo sheets. that he calls nemo. elmo is nemo to him. he can't seem to get that one straight. i've stopped correcting. cause he'll self correct it on his own, just like he did "fuff" and many others.


Beth said...

yay! I'm so glad he transitioned by himself...he really is getting so big, I almost can't believe it. We will for sure be asking for tips when that day comes for Finn.

garrett said...

I wonder when sleeping in the bed will stick. He still goes back and forth. I like that kid!