i quit teaching a little over 2 years ago to stay home with my son. it was what i wanted to do, even if it was a sacrifice financially. i have been very happy with my decision, but i am still a teacher at heart. i still have a passion for it and will probably go back to it some day. somedays, i wonder if i should do it now, i'm not a great housewife. i don't feel the same satisfaction in folded laundry, a clean bathroom, ironed shirts and a neatly prepared dinner table as i did in helping kids learn. i challenged my kids, i pushed them to do better. they didn't always like me, but most of the time they did [same can be said for parents... sometimes it is hard for people to see that working hard is a good thing] and i liked them. i know i was good at what i did. when i see a video like this, it kind of makes my heart ache.  [also, i'd like to note - i let 2nd graders go to the bathroom, 99% of the time. cause accidents aren't fun & they didn't typically pull that one on me. cause if i thought they were bored and faking, i'd time them and then make them pay that time back to me at recess if they stayed longer than 2 minutes...]

found on pinterest, via a teacher friend, heather.


J+S said...

Love! Love! Love it!

garrett said...

I like this a lot. I think teachers are some of the most under-appreciated people in the world. You were a great teacher. I really appreciate the sacrifice you made to stay home with Mikey. He may be a little stinker sometimes, and may not appreciate how lucky he is to have you home all the time until he has kids himself, but I'll always appreciate it.