mikey's 2nd birthday

my parents were were in town for a week & mikey loved seeing them everyday. so really the birthday celebration was a week long celebration. he had a little birthday celebration sunday night at our ward family family night.  we had some family over for a birthday party monday night. and tuesday, we celebrated all day long. he got great toys & loved them all. he impressed us with his "thank yous!" and loves. i like my nice little boy.
his birthday party was mickey mouse themed this year! my sister holly designed his invitation for me, i loved it!!! 
 mikey seriously enjoyed his cake! he kept yelling, "birthday cake!!!" 
 on his actual birthday morning, my dad made him mickey mouse pancakes, a special treat from my childhood. what's funny is that he didn't want to eat them because he didn't like "breaking mickey" - nutter.
 we got him this new desk & he is loving it. it is a special place for him to play cars, color, horse around - whatever floats his boat. 

he enjoyed some more cake on his birthday. over all, he had a wonderful day. days. week. 

thanks to everyone who helped make his birthday special. it is hard to believe he's already two. we love him. 


Holly O. said...

That looks like a fantastic birthday party day. Days. Week.

Loves to Mikey!

Kristin Jones said...

What a fun birthday!! Can't believe he's 2!

Suzie said...

Ahhh. So adorable. He's so sweet and handsome. Happy Birthday Mikey boy!
(where did that desk come from.....so cute)

garrett said...

It was quite a birthday week! Thanks to your parents for being such wonderful grandparents. Seeing these types of posts, especially when it is a benchmark like a birthday, always makes me think how much he has grown, and makes me wonder what will make him excited at his next birthday. For now, I'm loving Mickey Mouse as much as him. I wonder what he'll make me love in a year. Happy birthday, Mikey!