a saturday evenings thoughts

how is it september already?

how is my baby days away from turning two?

how is it that i'm already half way done cooking number 2?

right now is the best part of being pregnant. i'd say only tolerable part, but that just sounds ugly. the beginning is so sick for me. the end is so fat and sore. right now, if i'm rested and nurished, life is pretty good. i love feeling that baby boy kicking. i love knowing that he's a boy.

i thought the baby was a girl. i didn't necessarily want it to be a girl, just thought it. i was surprised. and excited. the bottom line is - you just want healthy. the gender shouldn't matter and it really didn't. a boy will be easier, he'll get to use mikey's things, etc. but we would've been happy either way. and i love the idea of them having a brother close in age.

mikey is a real kick in the pants lately. he says some of the funniest things. when he wants to, his tantrums are incredible. luckily for us, they're pretty few and far between. he's a love bug most of the time. it really kills me when he walks up and asks for a kiss, if he can't reach me. or if he can and just does without the prompting.

if you haven't heard him exclaim, "i like it!" about something - seeing his baby brother during an ultrasound, a tasty lunch - whatevs, you are missing out.

i'm thankful the weather has cooled off this weekend. i love having windows open [except when i'm trying to sleep and we have loud neighbors or a storm...] i was sick of the overwhelming heat. i love going for walks with my boy[s] and playing on the playground. i'm ready for fall. because i'm excited for this winter. january, especially.

garrett just got mikey out of the tubby. he's getting him in jammies and i keep hearing mikey saying, "fart" and garrett correcting, saying, "toot!" - we try.

life is good, especially because we have freshly canned salsa in the house. can you ask for much more?

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garrett said...

I like the list of reflections. I can't believe how fast he is growing and quickly he picks up on things. And I can't believe number 2 is more than half way cooked! Wow!