'sile, lizzie, and chicken

  • mikey used to call finn mcmissile - "finn" but then one time last week, i called him finn mcmissile & ever since then, mikey has called him 'sile. oh and don't even think about playing with his 'sile - that's his favorite car as of late. and it has to be this one, and not the other 'sile that he has. you can play with that one.
  • today, while driving home from lunch, we passed an old car. i don't think it was a model t - but it was super old. and a dark navy blue. after we passed it, mikey said all surprised, "lizzie?" he recognized that the car we passed looked like lizzie. i pretty much wanted to eat him.
  • then we get home and i was telling garrett about passing lizzie. mikey got down and serious about his cars. he noticed that one of the cars was under the entertainment center. he said, "oh, chicken!" and reached to pull out chick. he seriously cracks me up. 
the cars franchise is genius and a dream come true for a little boy. i can't wait to take him to cars land someday at disney land. hopefully before he's over cars!


Beth said...

Too cute! Love that he loves cars sooo much, and that he calls chick...chicken. I think cars land would be a dream come true for our little boys.

Hayley said...

he usually calls chick plain ol' chick, but today he did say chicken and cracked us up!

beth, we should all save up and go in a few years!

Holly O. said...

I still haven't bought any cars.......