the no crying talk

mikey has been such a good go-to-bedder for the last year or more. the only time he had trouble going to sleep was a few weeks, a month at most when he had to figure out how to go to sleep on his own, when he stopped falling asleep while nursing at around 8 months. the last 3 nights have been torture. i'd put him down [or garrett would and a few minutes later, he'd cry & i'd go in] and he'd immediately jump up and beg me to hold him. i would - because that's always worked in the past and he'd go right back to bed. these last few nights, he'd scream cry. not fuss. it was an angry, upset cry begging to be rescued. it wasn't the kind of cry that i thought he would cry out. we tried. he spent over an hour in there. at times, i hid in my bed with pillows over my head. our house is small, there is no escaping that cry. well tonight, i had to put him to bed alone. i started talking to him about no crying when he goes night night early - like while we were brushing teeth. also while he got on jammies and read books. i didn't think it was going to work, but it did!

i did the normal routine. we read books, we snuggled, i put him down. i covered him with his blankie, i gave him his stuffed animals. i said, "no crying." when he said, "hold you?" i rubbed his face like his daddy does. i told him good night, sleep tight...  and the last thing he said as i walked out of the room was, "crying" while he shook his head. i shut the door and waited for him to start screaming. but it didn't happen.

he's been asleep for almost 2 hours.  it worked. and i think he was properly tired. part of the problem, in my book is that he's been napping longer and isn't tired enough to go to bed at the same time. since switching his naps to afternoon naps, he's been napping longer. and we've still expected him to go to bed at the same time. which we've had a lot of late nights so sometimes i think he's just been tired enough to do it, but this week he wasn't going to bed late. he was going to bed on time & thus wasn't tired enough. [he didn't nap long today... only an hour because of a phantom poop that woke him up.]

regardless. i was relieved he went to bed without crying tonight. i love that little boy. and i've loved that he's been an easy go-to-bedder.


Holly O. said...

How were the last three nights? hahahahaha

Hayley said...

holly! it was the going to bed that i was talking about, not the staying asleep all night long. :{