mikey is a funny kid. you get that i like him, right?

lately he's been saying some funny things and i want to record them so we remember.

  • for example, any sore or owie is a burn because nana had a burn on her elbow. you can't talk about an elbow without him mentioning a burn and he'll look on every elbow for a burn. 
  • if you tell him "no-no" about anything, his immediate response is, "hot hot hot!" if you say, "no, its not hot." he says, "yucky?" and if you say, "no, its not yucky." his response is, "yummy?" it doesn't have to be about food - anything & we have this convo.
  • still obsessed with "we are young" which he now says. he used to say just "we are"
  • he's been a little aggressive with me, i think out of frustration and boredom with me being sick. he's been hitting me a lot. we keep saying, "be nice!" and now out of the blue, when he thinks he's being nice, he'll say, "nice?"
  • he's been told so many times that the veecum is sleeping or napping, he thinks everything is taking a nap or is tired now if it is not on. 
  • he loves "monster" - a cookie monster stuffed animal that nana gave him. monster goes to bed with him and often has to come wherever we go.
  • he's starting to enjoy "formers" - transformers. i'm pretty sure this couldn't make garrett happier. he's got a few "formers" things and he's starting to really like them. 
  • he still has oral dyslexia as we call it, where he mixes up syllables in words, but usually gets all of the sounds. last weekend, we were at the pool and mikey and garrett were spinning. garrett said, "spinning!" and mikey starts yelling, "pissing!" 
  • i taught him about flags. he points them out everywhere we go. i love it. the only part that makes me cringe is that he leaves out the L. i'm excited about tomorrow where there are lots of flags out, but also a little nervous - don't want to offend anyone who might hear my child squeal out an obscenity. 
  • he has started taking his naps in the afternoon. longer naps. momma likey. 
  • he often brings me the ipad and says "gammar" meaning he wants to facetime my parents. he sits there and talks to the screen the whole time it is ringing and connecting and then often walks away as soon as they are finally on screen. 
  • lets face it. we all have gas sometimes. if mikey hears you relieve yourself, he'll come up to you and say, "toot? poop? diaper." cause he thinks you probably need your diaper changed. 
  • i didn't really want him saying, "fart" a lot so we taught him toot. when he first started using that word, he often said, "tote" instead. we laughed. 
  • he's very big into "i want" statements lately. he knows what he wants and how to tell us. 
  • he figured out how to put his crocs on all by himself. most of the time he even gets it on the right foot, but i think that's just luck. 
  • if he finds a wii remote, he hands it to us and tells us to "play show" - he wants us to play the wii.
  • he is currently playing with his toy cell phone, an old one of mine that we charge up for him and he is saying, "i want gammar" - we might have to go get the ipad out soon.
  • he likes cold drinks, like his dad. he'll ask for milk because it is in the fridge. garrett's been adding ice to his water bottles and mikey will go get his water bottle and hand it to garrett asking for some ice, too. that's about the only time he wants water. 
  • he says, "oh gosh" about a lot of things. if something is frustrating him, if he is excited about something... it cracks me up.
  • "ok momma?" because i cry a lot. commericals especially. if i so much as sneeze, he's checking on me. he wipes tears away, too. he's sweet. when he's not beating me.
  • he crawls up on the back of the couch announcing as he goes, "fall. hurt." because i tell him all of the time that he'll fall and get hurt. but he still does it. and so far, no falling.
ok, i think i'm done for now. we might add to the list though.

late additions:

  • "stop it" - he tells us to stop when he isn't loving something. he also says, "don't!" we're constantly telling him, "you don't get to tell us to stop it." 
  • "ok, ok, ok" he says in a quiet voice when he's trying to reassure himself or calm down. he also nods the whole time he's doing it. i love it.  
  • counting: 1,2,5. i shake my head here...
  • "all better," "all done," and "toesies" are some of my favorite things he says.
  • "muck" is milk. help sounds like a southern drawl with a lisp. he doesn't pronounce the l, but he doesn't completely leave it out, either. 
  • "afeiki" is how he pronounces "i'll fix it" or "you fix it" -if i tell him, "momma will afeiki it" he knows i'm going to fix whatever it is...  and that usually follows with an "ok, ok, ok!"

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Beth said...

Holly cow that kid can talk! What a sweet thing to hear all that his mind is thinking. Hope the beatings stop soon :)