thoughts on a mother's day

  • i'm grateful i have my mommasita. she's one of my best friends and she has set a fabulous example all of my life. she laughs with and at me. she's one of my favorite travel buddies. she never let me be too naughty. i love her & am excited to squeeze on her this week.
  • i love being a mom. it is something that i knew i always wanted but spent a long time fearing i wouldn't get the chance. it is better than i expected. i love having a husband and a family of my own.
  • today during primary, garrett told our kids about when he and my dad gave mikey a blessing when he was about 24 hours old, before he was whisked away to primary children's hospital. he was talking about how priesthood blessings can heal the sick. i'm so thankful to have the gospel and the priesthood in our home. i was crying during his story and was so thankful for my baby who is healthy. 
  • it took me almost a month to read my last book - which was very good, but i've been busy and tired. i hope the next one doesn't take as long. i've got a few books in my stack waiting for me to get to.
  • this weather that we've been having is wonderful. we spend time outside playing at the park everyday. mikey is in heaven.
  • at bedtime, when i get to put him to bed after some books, i'll let mikey snuggle for a minute before putting him in his crib. he snuggles into my shoulder like a pro. when i ask for kisses, he gives me as many as i'd like. it is the best part of my day. it has become a game. if i wait too long to ask for the next kiss, he'll say "kiss?" and give me one. 
  • i'm excited for my steak dinner tonight at family night. which reminds me, i'm so glad that garrett has a wonderful mom, too. i know she played a key role in producing the wonderful man that i'm married to.

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garrett said...

I hope you had a wonderfull day! You're such a great mom. Mikey and I wouldn't know what to do without you. We love your face off. :)