my 5k wrap up

so... to make sense of this post, i'm going to have to have a little TMI disclaimer. if you can't handle the words bladder and infection used together, stop reading here. i had [have, really - still taking antibiotics for it] a bladder infection last week. the reason i really figured out that i had it was because it hurt to run last monday morning. anyway, i will spare you more details there. but i will do a little plug for those azo pills, those bad boys are genius for a UTI. last wednesday was the only good run i had all week & it was because i was on the azo pills, which numb the bladder. i didn't take one saturday morning. big mistake.

i was hyped up saturday morning. beyond excited. borderline spastic if you will. that should've been good, but as soon as the race started and my phone/ipod started not working right, i blew a frustration fuse and basically never recovered.  i handed off my phone to liz because she had pockets. and then i fell behind and was left the whole rest of the race without music. my own fault. my nike plus app wasn't working either and i got mad at that. i don't know why it mattered - i knew the distance i was running... but i wanted it logged. and when it didn't happen, boom... mental failure. 

then almost immediately it hurt to run. every step i took felt like i was going to pee my pants i had to go so bad. in reality, i knew i didn't need to go, it was just the pressure. so i would run in spurts to keep going, but eventually would have to walk and recover. plus, i hadn't run outside before... my lower calves and shins hurt - the beginning of the race was a pretty steady incline. those were just rookie/beginner problems that i might've been able to overcome. but - with the back pain that i've dealt with in recent months, and shin splint problems - i wasn't where i had originally wanted to be, which was done with training 2 weeks ago. i would've spent these last two weeks doing practice runs. as it was, i only did them on the treadmill... and i can see where that extra training would've helped. a lot. 

 i "ran" with liz and meeja. except i was way behind them & they finished in respectable time. garrett walked with mikey, sam, deanne, madeline, bradley, emity and tiffanie. 
so i had a mental failure early on. i was in pain and a little sick. i walked about half of the time. it didn't go as planned. but - i loved it. it was an awesome learning experience. i will do another. i will keep training. and next time, i won't bother with my phone, i'll take the little nano ipod that we have and clip it to my bra and just go. i am going to start training outside, too. at least once a week. i will keep running on the treadmill, too - that was the whole goal in the beginning - to just be able to get on the treadmill and run for about a half hour/45 minutes while i watch a show on the ipad. races have become an added bonus of fun. 


garrett said...

I'm proud of you! I want to train, too, so we can both run, and by that time, you'll probably just run ahead becaues I'l be way to slow for you. You're my hero still. Who cares if there were troubles. You still made that 5K your b!tch.

Elizabeth Ward said...

At least you went for it perfect condition or not. I chickened out on 2 5k's before I actually did my first because I didn't think that I was ready.

We will have our own 5k this summer. We will rock that SOB!!

Kristin Jones said...

You go girl!! I don't think I could do it...even if someone was chasing me. You're awesome!

jorijepps said...

Great job! You are brave, I think UTI's are the worst things ever.

Holly O. said...

Go Hayley! Go Hayley!

100 Percent Cottam said...

proud of you, hayley! we'll be in utah for about a week near the end of july...is there one we can run together? that would be so fun!!!