rip this!

who ever would've thought that this chubber would spend most of her blogging time on workouts these days? 

i'm doing ripped in 30 days. week 1 - i loved it, i could do everything, i felt challanged... started week 2 today - it was hard. some of the moves were difficult and i had to really modify - my back is still a struggle and i have to baby it a little. after the workout, i talked to hojo & she said "you'll build up to it" when i said that if it gets that much harder from week 2 to week 3, i don't know if i'll be able to do it.

after 1 week, i've lost a pound [this is from my starting ripped weight, not my last fgi8 one which was the lowest... i'd love to get down to that!] and 2.5 inches overall. the inches i'm proud of - they've gone no where but down...  so even though i'm not seeing the weight fall off like i'd like, i am seeing inches disappear. yay!

my reward to myself this time is: 6 week six-pack.

i'm also running my first 5k on saturday. terrified. with my back going out and the shin splints, i'd originally wanted to be about 2 weeks ahead of where i am now. but i'm doing it. i'm not going to let the back win. i will finish my couch to 5k training this week - with my last run being the actual 5k. no practice...  which worries me but it is what it is. i can do it!

i still know that i need to be a better eater, and i'm trying. but i also know it could & has been a lot worse.  so i'm giving myself some credit. 


Kristin Jones said...

You're doing awesome!!

Katey said...

That's so awesome about the 5k! Yay for accomplishing goals. I'm so excited for you :) Way to go with all of this. That race is gonna be one awesome deal. I bet you will do better than you expect cause you will have some extra adrenaline that working out everyday just doesn't have. I can't wait to hear all about it!!

I'm surprised at how well I am doing with running these days. My battle is these darn knees. They are sore most of the time. I think they have just had a good 20 years of obesity wearing on them. Now I'm trying to fight the obesity and they aren't wanting to join me in the battle cause there a little too worn out. I keep on keeping on though and try to baby them when I need to. I could probably put some ice on them every now and again as well.

I feel like we are both so motivated right now in all of our weight loss attempts. I wonder what it is that has really made things click for us. I also like that it's at the same time so we can have our little chats now and again about it. I honestly feel like I'm at the peak of health right now. I'm working out more than ever and I may not be losing tons of pounds but I am feeling pretty darn awesome and have a good amount of energy. That says a lot for me! Now I just need to make it through finals week...then I'll really be sitting pretty :)