halfway through the shred

here are my thoughts and feelings on the matter.

  • i've gained 2.5 pounds. i don't love this, but because of inches lost i'm not losing motivation or hope. 
  • inches lost details: chest - 1.5 inches, waist - .5 inches, hips - 1.5 inches, forearm - .5 inches. giving me an over all total in inches lost: 4. that is encouraging.
  • i can easily wear a size smaller than what i was wearing at my heaviest. and i was barely able to squeeze into them. now, the size smaller is getting too loose and i'm considering moving into an even smaller size.
  • i bought 2 pairs of capris to wear this summer in the size smaller. granted they are stretchy, but i didn't think they'd fit when i got home... thought i'd have to work for it for a few more weeks. they fit. they'll look better in a few weeks, but i could wear them out of the house right now. with no shame
  • thus, i am technically 2 pant sizes smaller already. even though i'm 3 pounds up. go figure.
  • i've not only been doing the shred. i've been doing 5 days a week on my couch to 5k training. i'm up to running 5 minutes at a time, a couple times in the workout. 
  • my shins are hurting...  shin splints are not my friend. this is a result of poor shoes and over training.
  • new shoes are in order. and laying off on the running for a week or so. 
  • i can walk on the treadmill, but not run.
  • aleve is my friend, now.
  • so is ice. for 20 minutes, 3 times a day.
  • i don't want to let a little pain get in my way. i'm loving the couch to 5k bit.
  • i'm also, oddly enough for anyone who knows me, loving the shred.
  • i've not missed a day yet of the shred. if i keep it up, i'm buying ripped in 30 days as a reward to myself.
  • my original goal was not to miss more than 3 days. i'm still keeping to that goal - ripped will come because i don't think i'm going to miss even 1 day. 
  • i say, "suck it, jillian!"
  • i wish the pounds were coming off, but with the inches doing it, i'm staying strong.

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Beth said...

That is so great! I had a friend who weighed more then she ever did, but was the smallest she's ever been...she couldn't figure it out either, but enjoy those lost inches and new size. Can't wait to see the final results!!