the 28 day shred

my back went out last thursday. it happened during the shred. i didn't give up on my workouts, i was bound and determined to not quit over it. i couldn't let the back injury win. last night at my chiropractor appointment, he advised me strongly to back off on the intense workouts - the shred. i decided that 28 days is good enough. i'm going to give myself a week to heal now. then on to ripped... i hope.

here are my stats:

  1. weight gain: 3 pounds! frustrating.  i wanted to lose 10. didn't happen. if i'm honest with myself, i know it was the eating. i didn't do my best and i will next time around. 
  2. inches lost: 4.5 - i lost 2 inches on my hips. and 1.5 on my chest. i'm pretty happy with that. i haven't taken pictures yet to compare to - maybe tonight. pretty sure i won't be sharing them. but maybe next time around. didn't make my goal of 10 inches, either. but at least i was almost halfway. i'm happy here.
  3. i did level 1: 11 times, level 2: 10 times, level 3: 6 times...  i had never done level 3 before & it was hard, but i really liked it. if i wouldn't have hurt my back, i would've done level 1 four times less and level 3 four times more. 
  4. my eating goals were pretty good. could've done better, could've done worse. next time around, that's going to be my biggest focus. this time around, the working out was the easiest part for me. which is weird, but it felt good and i really got into it. i did pretty good with not eating after 8 pm, i usually got all of my fruits and veggies in. next time: i'm going to set a goal to have a smoothie everyday. that really helps with getting in the fruits and veggies. 
  5. i bought ripped. it came today from amazon. next week...  if my back can handle it.
  6. i did get through my couch to 5k goal - i wanted to get through week 5. i did. and that's with taking a week off when i got shin splints. i'm running for at least 8 minutes straight right now. which isn't really running - its jogging. and 8 minutes is probably nothing to most people, but it is a huge accomplishment for this chubber. 
  7. i loved doing the shred. it was the first time ever that i committed to an exercise goal and followed through. i've also loved doing the couch to 5k bit. i'm running a 5k on may 5th. never thought that would happen. 
i will do something again, soon. maybe a combo of running and the shred and ripped - i don't know. i'll figure out what it is & go from there. hopefully my back can cooperate. i've got pounds to lose and motivation for it right now! you would not believe how many times i've cried about this back outtage this time around. i'm trying so hard not let it win!


garrett said...

You're my hero! Seriously. A workout, then running all the time. You're an inspiration. Stupid back. Hope your week off helps and you feel better soon!!

Beth said...

You don't know how BUMMED that I won't be there for your first 5k. I would have cheered my little heart out for you if I wasn't in FL. I'll be cheering you in my heart though! Don't get so down on yourself about the weight. You really are creating some great habits that will get you to your goal...its a fight, but you are doing it. Hope your back gets better fast, and you can hit the ripped!!