march the first

i turn 33 in two days. weird. garrett has a day of surprises planned for me. i'm oddly ok with knowing the surprise is out there & that i don't know what it is. i usually hate surprises. 

my ear hurts. badly. i've got a dr's appointment in about 1.5 hours. last week i was treated for bronchitis, but my ear hurts right now. like bad enough that i didn't sleep well last night. the pain spreads all across my face, too. if it isn't an ear infection, its gotta be a sinus infection.

this morning, mikey got a hold of a pen that wasn't capped. he drew on the door. i wasn't mad, it was my own fault for taking a little break and not paying attention. the cutest part about it was that i grabbed a wipe and tried to wipe it away. he sat there and washed and washed at it. then i got the magic eraser out & it was gone. no big deal. 

speaking of mikey - he's become quite the hitter. mostly hitting me, but sometimes hitting his dad and other things. we're trying to figure out the right way to handle it. mostly just calmly saying "no hitting!" and stopping giving him our attention. the frustrating thing is that we pay a lot of attention to him, so why is he doing it? but if we kind of do a little time out, he usually stops. i know it is normal & all, but last weekend i was really struggling with it. i felt very singled out. and sometimes he'd clock me so hard across the face, it hurt. one time, with one swipe, he cleared my sinuses & popped my ear. yeah, i put him down and walked away at that. sometimes, if he's mad and swinging, i'll hold his hands down and squeeze a little. mostly though, i've come to realize that the least amount of reaction and ignoring is a better response. i guess this kid has finally fallen off of his perfect pedestal. 

after a month of going to the chiropractor & getting some massages, i'm pretty much pain free. plus, i've been working out really well. i've been doing wii fit plus - yoga and strength training. i've been doing 30 - 60 minutes on the treadmill a day. and this week, i added in the shred. before this week, i was working out at least an hour and 15 minutes to an hour and 45 minutes a day. this week, i've been doing 2 hours per day. crazy. all in all, i've lost 12 pounds. i'm excited. i can see & feel a difference. i'm a little frustrated because i weighed myself this morning & i've gained a pound back. what the wha? after i stepped up the exercise? no thank you. but i'll survive. if nothing else, i've gotten ride of 98% of my back pain, so that's a success.

these pictures were taken sunday morning. what a handsome little stinker! 


Jori said...

Wow! He looks like such a big boy. I hope you feel better. Ear aches are the worst!

Heather said...

That little stinker. It is kind of a bummer when you realize your child is not perfect. Haha like you said its a normal phase. Sorry your ear hurts so bad! Just keep up all the different exercise your weight will continue to go down. Just keep an eye on your calories working out makes us hungry!!!!! ��. Sometimes I'll think did I just eat all that?? Hahahaha!!!