aprons & bras make all the difference!

find a birthday recap here. it was the best birthday ever. a turbo date with my love.

we did go see a movie. every few years, i like to think i'm tough & get a little hit of adrenaline when i see previews for a scary movie. i'd been telling garrett that i was tough enough to go see woman in black. let me tell you - we saw it saturday & last night was the first night i actually slept. i kept garrett up a good chunk of the night saturday night because i was too scared to even be awake alone. some have said it is the scariest movie ever. some have said it wasn't that scary [garrett] - but i was terrified. by the end of the movie, my ears & my pointer fingers hurt from pushing so hard on my ears. i had my eyes closed and my head down for probably half of the movie at least. i tried to tell myself it was just a scary harry potter movie. i made comparisons and jokes throughout the first part. like when harry was on a platform to get on a train, and it said platform 1, i said, "no silly, it is platform 9 and three quarters." i called the woman in black bellatrix lestrange. i told harry to use his patronus... i kept thinking, "grab your wand, harry!" these things didn't help. still terrifying. i've decided after this that i am officially no longer allowed to see scary movies. what is wrong with me? they haunt me & yet every so often, i crave it. i am too old for that sh!t.

in other thinkings... i recently read mindy kaling's book. funny. at one point she said something along the lines of: you know you've got a problem when your sleeping clothes become the same as your day clothes. well. anyone that knows me knows that when i'm home, i'm usually sans bra & in yogas. and now that i'm a stay at home mom, this is often. i'll put on clothes to run to the store or whatever. and most days i shower and get dressed, but after showering, i'll get back in my yogs. lately i've felt like i've been in a little bit of a slump. why clean up this mess of toys? he's just going to make a mess of it again tomorrow...  not feeling motivated to menu plan. and then if i don't have a plan, i have ZERO desire to make dinner. so garrett ends up throwing something together. which - he's a great cook, so that's not a problem, but its not his job, its mine. then i feel guilty. that kinda thing.  well last weekend, i menu planned. and i'll admit - there are some tasty eats going on around here this week. last week, i dreaded coming up with dinner.  tonight: i put on my apron and joyfully made a healthy, delicious meal. and cleaned the kitchen after. and... i'm happy to say that i'm still in my skinny jeans & a bra. [and my apron]

i haven't been a complete failure in all aspects, i was doing 2 hours of exercise a day last week...  this week, not so much. but whatever. you win some and you lose some.

mikey started saying "michael" today. i heart that kid, seriously. he can be a real stinker sometimes, but for the most part, i adore his personality. i'm so grateful he's mine. now... here's a cute little video from yesterday.

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garrett said...

I love this train-of-thought post. Sorry about the movie. We will never see a scary move again. I know it can get repetitive and hard to clean up and make dinner every day. I don't mind helping with that stuff, either. And you look cute in that apron. :)

I am so grateful for all you do for Mikey and our family! You're the best mom and wife we could ask for! Love your face.