18 months

holy cow - is he a little boy more and more everyday, instead of a baby. he likes cars and animals. he loves fruit, but is over all a great eater. he knows what he wants and is getting really good at expressing it. he has fits when he is mad, but typically gets over things pretty quickly. he's gotten a grip on the hitting - a lot less often now. thank heavens, i was starting to look a little battered.  his vocabulary grows everyday & i love it. he sings songs, which absolutely melts my heart. he is friendly and social, which is good because the kid gets attention about his hair. [did you know he's a redhead?] he will seek out eye contact from strangers and isn't afraid to say "hi" until they respond to him. when he gets excited about something, he does it with enthusiasm - like in this picture, he was listening to a dog bark in our neighborhood. for as independent as he is, he's a lover. he snuggles and tucks and is pretty generous with kisses. he is the center of our lives, we adore him. this is such a fun age, i could keep him this age forever. why is it going so fast? can't somebody make that stop?


Kristin Jones said...

Such a cute picture!

Beth said...

I can't believe how big he is either...he really looks like a big boy. Love that he gives me loves too since Finn is a lot less cuddly, I have to get my snuggles some where.

Holly O. said...

He is a special boy!